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Tallow Solids Left Over, what do I do with them?

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  • Tallow Solids Left Over, what do I do with them?

    I just made tallow from 5 pounds of grass-fed suet. It's a really nice break from lard and butter and practically free. The first Guatemalan butcher I went to laughed at me and gave me some for free and the second semi-suspiciously charged me $0.15 cents per pound. The Guatemalan diet is really "SAD," with most NGOs and educational sources teaching the strict food pyramid (pretty easy to follow cheaply). I, however, am interested in making some pemmican so I can travel like a thrifty caveman.

    Anyways, I've got about 1.5 pounds of fat solids soaked in tallow that kind of taste and smell like beefy chicharron (pork rinds). How do I use this super-rich, super-beefy bi-product?

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    Fry chicken breasts in it

    Or, any vegetable. Add it to soups, fry your eggs in it.

    Beef tallow is wicked/awesome/amazing!
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      Use the solids to scoop up guacomole
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        Weeeeell, they range from slushy in consistency to pea-sized because I cut up the fat before I rendered it. I'm sure part of it is leftover membranes, blood, and random stuff that came with the good suet. I just can't imagine indigenous people wasting these precious nutrients.


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          Can you not just eat it like popcorn?
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            Just add a little salt and pepper and eat. That's what I do. It's my favorite part about the rendering process, the treat at the end.