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  • Creamed Callaloo

    ... a Jamaican favourite with all manner of recipes, but it is essentially callaloo, shallots, garlic and some chilli. Creamed up with coconut milk, often, or just plain cow's milk cream (as I did), added a little okra and then fluffed up with some scallop, egg and truffle.

    Truffle is bang in season and I'm loving it!

    So ... method?

    Get some callaloo and steam it. Chop it well. Transfer to a pan.

    Also in the pan, chop in some shallot, garlic (wild garlic in my case), okra, maybe spinach and a Scotch Bonnet pepper. Add a little thyme, some chicken stock and then boil to soften everything.

    Blend roughly and pour over some cream or coconut milk.

    I then tried off some slices scallops and boiled an egg.

    Blending in the yolk into the mix, tossing in the scallops and spreading chopped egg white over, garnished with truffle slices ... gorgeous!

    The hit of heat is a good punch in the face, but doesn't stay there as pain in your mouth ... backed off a little by the cream and the fattiness.


    "... needs more fish!"