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  • Help Me Learn to Like Avocados

    I have heard (it seems like) all my life how very nutritious and wonderful avocados are. It seems to be the only thing Vegans, CW-eaters, and Primal people all agree on. Living in the land of Tex-Mex food, it seems that guacamole is served on every table right next to the salt and pepper, and people build shrines to the holy avocado . . . And I hate the way they taste.

    At least, I used to. Now it seems like so many of my tastes are changing (do we all do that?) that it might be worth trying again. But I'd like to ease into it. I thought I'd try disguising the avocado a little and then gradually, after a several sessions, remove the other flavors until I can finally eat just the avocado unadorned.

    So, what are your favorite ways to make avocados not taste like themselves?

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      First of all, are you sure it's the avocado? I used to think that I hated it, but I realized two things: #1. I hate (and may be mildly allergic to) cilantro, which is in guacamole a lot. It tastes like soap to me. #2. I don't like avocado straight up--it needs at least salt and lemon or lime, and garlic doesn't hurt either. Now, I dream about them, because they are so wonderful. Amazing, considering I thought I hated them for a number of years. Made chicken salad recently with avocado instead of mayo, mmm....


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        Try a different variety of avocado. Hass is what they usually sell in the store. Fuerte and bacon are slightly smaller and not as astringent. They're good sliced up with salt and lime juice and a little paprika. Reed are about the size of a softball and round. They're buttery compared to a Hass and make incredible guac. Any of these would be good sliced on a burger as well. My brother made deep fried beer-battered avocados last night, which were obviously not primal but you could dredge them in coconut flour and fry them in bacon grease or coconut oil I suppose. You should be able to find the more unusual varieties at a farmer's market.


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          My daughter and husband eat them plain and love them. I can barely choke them down. But, I love my "easy guac". I smashed the avocados with lemon or lime juice, then I add my favorite salsa, and a tsp or two of italian dressing mix (this is my secret ingredient, but use whatever seasoning you like). I usually hate guac from restaurants, but I like this.

          I've also seen recipes for chocolate pudding using avodados, but I've never tried it. You could probably sneak them into smoothies.


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            avocado chocolate pudding is pretty good

            start small, chunk half of one up in bits then add them to food

            you might never love them, i don't, but i can't taste them with other food
            yeah you are

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              I love my avocado plain. I can slice one open and just take a spoon to it.

              I used to mash some up with garlic-salt, lime and some diced fresh jalapeno as a quick guac...still do sometimes for lettuce tacos. Mostly though, I like it all natural!


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                I can eat avocado plain, usually in a salad. I do have an easy guac recipe though - one avocado mashed, chopped red onion to taste, cilantro to taste, and a couple teaspoons of lime juice - mix and serve. Sometimes I mix in fresh salsa too, but mostly it's just the four main ingredients. I will say that it is an acquired taste; I was not fond of avocado when I was younger but now I love them.

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                  Originally posted by primalkyle View Post
                  I love my avocado plain. I can slice one open and just take a spoon to it.
                  Yep, me too. Love avocado, could eat a whole one all by itself no problems at all. However, as a child I just did not see the attraction. I really can't see the point in eating something that you just don't like though?
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                    When i cook burgers i like to eat them with onions, sour cream and avocado.


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                      Originally posted by MarieCalledGia View Post
                      Now it seems like so many of my tastes are changing (do we all do that?) that it might be worth trying again
                      When I first started Primal, I bought an avocado. I had never had one in my life, but I was going to try something new since Mark spoke so highly of them. I could hardly eat it - it tasted awful. It was like eating wallpaper paste. I barely got it down and chucked most of it. Now, I love them so much I could rub them all over my face and call myself a bitch. It's astounding how much my tastes have changed in the past year.

                      Originally posted by MarieCalledGia View Post
                      So, what are your favorite ways to make avocados not taste like themselves?
                      Avocados are great simply sliced up with a little sea salt, lime juice and fresh cilantro. Maybe a sprinkle of cumin and black pepper if you wanna go crazy. My personal favorite - braise a pork loin, shred it up and top it with cream cheese, sliced avocado and fresh tomato salsa. OH MAN!
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                        one does not simply....learn to like avocados......

                        it takes time. try eating awesome guac for awhile, that helps


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                          Have you ever tried it in a hand roll? Julienne some raw carrots, cucumbers, daikon radish, sprouts, add plain avocados, sprinkle with some toasted sesame seeds (or gomashio which is mixed with sea salt) and wrap them in nori (seaweed). You can also add steamed shrimp, smoked salmon or crab meat. Typically hand rolls come with rice, but I eat them without the rice.

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                          You could also try adding them to BLT wrapped in lettuce (minus the bread).
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                            If you don't like them why eat them?


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                              They're high in omega 6, with a high O6:O3 ratio.

                              I love the taste tho!
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