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What's the best recipe blog for newbies who don't enjoy cooking?

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  • What's the best recipe blog for newbies who don't enjoy cooking?

    I have a friend who is 29 years old and she is about 100lbs overweight and has PCOS and was just diagnosed with diabetes. She doesn't tend to overeat. She just has some sort of metabolic problem in addition to poor food choices. She is open to my suggestions and so far I've framed them as "healthy, low carb" ideas. Her "diabetes educator" has encouraged her to eat low-fat in addition to low-carb and I told her I disagreed with the low-fat part. We went to a restaurant tonight and she wanted me to help her pick out her meal. We settled on a bunless burger with steamed veggies (yay, progress).

    She hates cooking, she is working on a tight budget, she has a very CW understanding of nutrition, but she's asking for my help. I was planning to just pass along 7-8 solid recipes that she could use on a regular rotation but I would love a blog or a link that is not too intensely "PALEO" in the sense that I don't want to freak her out with prosthelytizing just yet. If there is one specifically for diabetes that would be great too. Thanks.

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    Spicy Shrimp and Vegetable Stir-Fry

    "Nutritional analysis per serving: 301 calories, 6.6 g fat (1 g saturated), 23.6 g carbs, 3.3 g fiber, 32 g protein"

    Ditch the sugar/sake/sesame oil if you wish. Can always mix up the meat, but a veggie stir-fry will always be delicious. Add a nice sized leafy salad with some EVOO dressing & sliced avocado depending on if you need to up the calories.
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      I can't post the link from my phone but check nom nom paleo website. Its got quick recipes and lots of slow cooker ones which means super easy cooking.

      I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and was pre diabetic. I started primal in November and am doing g amazing. My blood sugar is really great now and I never get the shakes or light headed anymore and i actually fast everyday which is amazing to me. My first meal is around 2pm and then dinner around 6 and no snacking of any kind. Its really amazing. My PCOS is getting under control and i have hope now that I can get pregnant soon. Each month my cycle shortens by about 10 days and for someone with PCOS that means a cycle every couple of months. I went a whole year without one. And the great side effect is that I dropped 20 pounds.

      I know you asked for recipes but please share my story with your friend and let her know that it will help to correct alot of this stuff going on with her body.


      • #4 has lots of good, easy recipes. The book is really good too.


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          Your friend & I are very similar. My Primal Junk Foodie blog focuses on food you can prepare in 30 mins or less. Link in my sig below
          On my PJF blog, I also have my success story where I went from 248 lb insulin pump dependent PCOS gal to drug free
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            I love your blog!!!!


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              I like A lot of their recipes are quick and easy, plus they offer meal plans with a shopping list by subscription, which makes things very easy.
              my blog


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                I can relate to not wanting to cook. I'd say if it weren't for getting IBS and wanting to lose weight I'd still probably be eating out of prepackaged garbage. But you kind of have to put in some effort when primal/paleo is concerned. It's just really hard to adjust from doing little to no cooking and just reaching into a cupboard to eat what you want to almost everything being prepared at home and from scratch. I'm still struggling.

                Still I'd like to make it as easy as possible for myself (or at least until I finally have the time, money resources and drive to do something bigger.) That being said I'd say stick with recipes with 5 ingredients max. That to me seems the least daunting. From what I understand for each meal you only need a protein, a carb and a fat. So that's three right there which leaves the other two for seasoning and things of that nature. Hehe hopefully this makes sense. Also picking recipes that require more assembling than cooking can make things feel easier. Salads are a good example of that. I like things I can just put together without having to wait to cook or break out a bunch of paraphernalia. (Obviously keeping around healthy finger foods like almonds, snack-cut/size veggies and fruits are good.) You may also want to consider recipes that involve more spices than anything else. It's not too bad to sit and measure out some spices or herbs than to prepare a bunch of veggies and meat. However I still think it's a good idea to take a day or the night before to pre-plan and make meals for the coming day/week.

                One of my favorite blogs is Jules' The Stone Soup ( stonesoup — 5 ingredient recipes )
                While a lot of her recipes are not primal/paleo (she uses a TON of chickpeas) there are some that are primal/paleo friendly or that can be tweaked. She does sometimes give options for recipes, like if a person has intolerances or can't get hold of a certain ingredient.

                I'm nowhere near being mostly primal/paleo but I'm only just now trying to get a sense of what sorts of recipes I want to deal with.

                Hope this helps.
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         and PaleOMG - Paleo Recipes are two of my favorite blogs. If you are new to primal just remember that the baked goods on these sites should be rare treats. Both have excellent everyday recipes and great crockpot ideas.