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Summer came early...

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  • Summer came early...

    ...and I have a freezer full of not-so-summery grass fed meat. Round steak, cube steak, stew beef cubes, soup bones, etc. They were initially intended for soups/stews/other hearty preparation methods, but with the high being in the 80's for more than a week, we're probably not going to have any more soup/stew weather. I have a tiny freezer (RV) so I really need to use this stuff up and make room for stuff to throw on the grill.

    Does anyone have any ideas for preparing these meats for the warmer weather palate? I hate that I can't just eat soup in the summer (unless it's gazpacho) but it doesn't feel right.

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    Make ground jerky?


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      I don't have a dehydrator or an oven, just a big convection toaster oven. Would that even be possible?


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        If you have no use for it when it gets really warm, just make a bunch of stew/soup and eat it as fast as you can.


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          Try this...

          Good Eats S09E03P02 - Urban Preservation II - The Jerky - YouTube
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            Cure it with salt/vinegar and eat it cold.
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