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granulated erythritol / Stevia

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  • granulated erythritol / Stevia

    I see a lot of recipes calling for such sweetners, yet equally containing a lot of fruit which is already rich in natural sugars.

    A typical example being the blondies, muffins etc in the reader created cookbooks and various forums.

    I've never cooked desert or cake type foods before having been satisfied with the occasional primal smoothie when wanting something 'sweet', but want to give these reader created items a go. Can anyone confirm if they've made them sans honey/stevia/etc and if they still tasted good?

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    I take the sugar out of most recipes and it is fine. not as sweet, but tastes fine to me. Though, I did lose my ability to discern good sweet from not sweet at all after I gave up sugar. I will think something tastes wonderful, and my non-primal hubbie thinks it is gross. LOL!
    fwiw, erythritol RIPS my stomach up. holy moly!


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      I won't bake, no one can make me- don't have an oven anyway. It's soooo not primal to bake all winter long. God.