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Returing to the primal way...

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  • Returing to the primal way...

    Been eating pretty terribly for the past few months and now looking to return to eating the primal way - don't know why I ever stopped as it was making me feel more energetic/better/etc :/ Difference this time is a massive constraint on the budget!

    So I'm looking for cheap and simple meals - I'm a bad enough cook and I actually don't like spending long preparing/having too many ingredients to deal with (some of you probably cursing at me right now!). So what should I start stocking up on? Freezer is tiny so that's somewhat limiting. I've found a good source of free range eggs which I've already bought in bulk.

    Appreciate any tips, thanks!

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    I'm just going to post some links to sources that may help:

    10 Quick and Easy Recipes in 15 Minutes or Less | Mark's Daily Apple
    Simple Tasty Combos that are Paleo -
    Simple Crock-Pot recipes? -

    Good luck!


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      Too bad about the freezer. Bags of mixed frozen veggies are staples for my husband and I, they're so inexpensive and great to throw in with ground meat and some spices.