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I miss cold butter

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    Have you tried Rivvin's "bread"? I find it's pretty good with butter and any favourite toppings. There are lots of good recipe variations in this thread:

    Personally, I like it best cooled (smells less eggy), and savoury-style with onion/garlic powder and sesame seeds.
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      While I was still having dairy I would sometimes put cheese and butter on slices of cucumber. Works nicely.
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        Originally posted by Devain View Post
        Whats wrong with putting it on thinly sliced (cold) steak?
        I was reading this thread to get tips for eating cheeses such as brie (when I want to play in my 20%) and this is my favorite suggestion! Instead of making do with foods that pretend to be grains, upgrade to steak!
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          radishes are great with butter and salt.

          for really great butter like the unsalted kerrygold, I'll just sprinkle some really fancy seasalt on thin slices and devour. (if you chill the plate the butter won't go soft on you)


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            Paleo Bread?


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              I put my butter on the edge of the plate and cut hunks off to eat with each bite of hot veggies or sweet potato. I never let the butter melt. It's also good on cheese.
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