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Cauliflower con huevos en tomate salsa y nopales

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  • Cauliflower con huevos en tomate salsa y nopales

    Just had our maid make us an amazing dish here in Mexico! Had to share it...


    Cut prickly pear leaves into small strips and boil with 1/2 small onion and some garlic - boil until soft (to taste).


    Roast 3 tomatoes in a pan. If the skin burns, just pull that part off. Dump into blender. Add 2 cloves of garlic. Blend


    Break off the end of two eggs. Pour out egg whites, whip until frothy, like a light meringue (not stiff). Add yolks in, mix well.


    Boil until soft. Let cool. Break into large chunks. Coat in batter, fry in pan with shallow layer of oil until batter is browned slightly. Set aside on paper towel.

    Pour salsa into pan, heat it up until it simmers. Add cauliflower until warmed back up. Serve with nopales. Tortillas optional.

    Now, even though we ate this with tortillas and vegetable oil, I don't see why it couldn't be prepared with either low-carb or NO tortillas and coconut oil. Frankly, Mexico is not exactly a low-carb haven. They do have some no-sugar options with beverages and jam, but not much else. This recipe was amazingly delicious, perfect for lunch! And, of course, it is very adaptable. The part that amazed us the most was watching her whip up the egg whites with a fork and a bowl. lol