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    I've only done it once, and I did it in the oven. Here's the recipe I used:
    How to Make Ghee in the Oven

    Mine came out like a clear oil with brown solids. I strained it through a coffee filter but that was a pain; it's too dense. Since then I've bought cheesecloth to use next time. I know a lot of folks here strain through a paper towel but I'm not comfortable with what the ghee might pick up from the paper towel (or what the stock might pick up, depending on what's being strained).

    I keep it in the fridge and yes, I have to chip away at it.



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      Terez, I found that recipe too and got some ideas from it.

      I don't like to use coffee filters either. I have had good success with a handkerchief over a strainer.

      I keep my ghee in the cupboard because it can keep for months at room temp but each batch only lasts a couple of weeks at my rate of consumption. I am a butter/ghee fiend.

      Alas, the slushy ghee remains a mystery.


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        I envy you going through your ghee in a few weeks. My refrigerator is stocked with ghee, bacon grease, beef tallow and pork lard. I seem to be producing this stuff much faster than I use it. I'm constantly making bone stocks, and that keeps producing more beef tallow (mostly) but also some pork lard.

        If I'd realized the rate at which I'd be making healthful saturated fats, I wouldn't have bothered making ghee! It's just that in the early days of being Primal I needed a fat that could take the heat to brown meats. (I wasn't making bone stock at first.)

        I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go. How are you consuming the ghee, GingerYeti?



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          Sounds like a "good" problem you have there. Mmmmm lard.

          I use ghee as my primary cooking fat. In chile it is hard to find "good fats", so I just make ghee. I also eat spoonfulls of it as a snack.