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Question on sources of grass-fed beef

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  • Question on sources of grass-fed beef

    I have a friend whom I am trying to convince to go paleo, and I feel like I might be 80% of the way there. She is a "recovering vegetarian" and while she understands how grass-fed meat is more ethical, before she starts eating it regularly, she wants to make sure that the cows are killed in a non-brutal way. So, does anyone know of suppliers of grass-fed meat that provide some kind of assurance that their animals experience minimal pain while being killed? I have had trouble finding details on suppliers' websites.

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    I'll just reiterate what Nellie is your best bet.


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      Take a walk ... see a cow ... in a field ... eating grass? Bag it! Come on ... you're primal, right?

      In seriousness, a good search on't'internet is going to be your best bet. Beyond that, ring up first and pummel them for information. You want to know specifics and will, without doubt mess them up if they lie!

      "... needs more fish!"


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        Thanks for the tips, guys!


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          Originally posted by JellyNellie
          Anyway, I heard a wonderful piece on NPR talking about vegetarianism. And I'm sorry I don't remember the show/guest author, but the discussion was that domesticated animals, chickens, cows, etc., wouldn't survive today in the wild. Humans evolved into a more intelligent species by eating the brains and fat in animals. The author's research argued that eating this type of meat was a sort of co-evolutionary bargain... these species continue to exist because we raise them for food.
          If you ever come across that again please share it. I'd like to see it.
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