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Managing Intesity

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  • Managing Intesity

    Hey Folks, hope all is well.

    I am having a bit of difficulty managing training intensity. I ring / gymnastic training in place of traditional strength training while still trying to maintain similar principles.

    With body weight as you all might know, difficulty / progression is a matter of leverage. So in that way, it's hard to gauge what 1RM is then adjusting they weight say to 80% of that.

    I work out 3 times a week, two of those I focus on 8 reps and once a week I go for strength focusing on 3x3.

    For example (for strength):I will move to a progression that I can barely attain once motion and then focus on that as my strength routine for that week. So for example I did handstand pushups, which I can barely do on week one and now they are considerably easier.

    For mass - I move down to a lower progression then work in more reps.

    But sometimes I feel like I could be over training. So Monday, was an awesome workout, and I went at it like a beast. I took two days to red and this morning was really hard...

    Any one with similar experience?

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    sorry posted to wrong section.. can the MOD move it to fitness?