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    Good Morning Everyone.

    last night a dear friend of mine shared some deer with me (HaHa, get it dear/deer). They were lucky enough to get 2 deer during hunting season. They shared some of their 'stash' with me. The thing is, I'm not exactly sure how to cook it. I grew up eating venison but never helped my mom in the kitchen. She believed that my job was to study and play hard. Mostly, she just breaded and fried it and served it like chicken fried steak.

    The packages we were given are stamped 'hamburger' (I know what to do with this) and 'sliced shoulder'. Its the shoulder cuts that I am not sure how to prepare.

    Any good primal/paleo ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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    do anything you would normally do with the hamburger meat. not exactly sure about the sliced shoulder, but you could always cook it low and slow. crock pot, dutch oven, etc. make pot roast or chili or something like that. remember, venison is super lean, so be careful not to try it out. also, try to find out if the hamburger meat is 100% venison or if has been mixed with beef fat, etc. that will make a difference in how you can handle it


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      My husband chops it up into stew meat, tosses it in the crockpot with vegetables and bullion.. lots of water and lets it cook for a day or two... amazing!!
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        Philly cheese steakish thingy


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          Two ways to cook deer... low and slow or hot and fast.. one of the two. You will probably need to add some fat to the burger meat if it is plain "ground venison", otherwise it probably won't stick together. My local processors mark those "venison", anything marked "Burger" already has fat added.

          If it is from a processor, the shoulder might already be smoked or something. I've never seen one sliced otherwise.. but you can smoke them, or you can fry them like minute steaks. I typically do my shoulders pot roast style in a crockpot with some beef bone broth, carrots, turnips, celery, spices and some balsamic or red wine.
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            i have all sorts of big plans with venison but in the end just fry it and eat it as is coz i love it so much. it needs to be seared on either side and then sorta medium rare. you can throw herbs in while it is cooking like thyme. i try not to mask the flavour too much. with bigger pieces, we often just hoof them in the oven and slow roast and then have them with the usual roast dinner things like sweet potatoes. i have made venison and cheese pie before which was just stir fry the venison with some garlic and thyme. add some broth and a bit of red wine simmer till tender and the sauce is reduced. then i actually used real pastry as it was for ppl who didnt care. so pastry, slices of cheese, stewed venison, slices of cheese and more pastry. then bake. i pulled off the pastry and the inside was awesome. in terms of minced venison, google venison burger recipes or you could do a meat loaf, sheppard's pie etc. just anything really that doesnt hide the taste or you may as well save it and use beef. smoked venison is pretty nice too. we smoked ours with a rub of thyme honey, juniper berries, salt, pepper and garlic. if there is a bone in the shoulder, simmer it for broth.


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              I like this website for game recipes. Not all primal, but good for technique and idea - most can be primalized easily.

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                Being the wife of an Alaskan hunting guide, we use venison (or goat, or sheep, or buffalo, or fish) in everything! Use the ground meat as you would any beef, but be sure to add fat to it if you grill it like burgers. I just made venison taco salads for dinner and they were a hit! As for the shoulder, maybe as a roast? We grind most of it for breakfast sausage and burger so I'm not so sure what to do with it in it's whole version.


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                  Slow cook in water ... lots of hours.

                  Retrieve the now cooked meat, wrap in wilted cabbage leaves and re-cook in a stock from the juice. Sort of Venison Golubtsi.

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