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  • How Would You Rate My Lunch?

    I use a rice cooker and basically steam a salad in it. I start with chopped onions, garlic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and then add about 10 veggies including broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers, tomatoes, carrots, kale, bok choy, red chard, beets, red cabbage, spinach, mushrooms. I also sprinkle in some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.
    For additional spice I use some cumin, pepper and fresh ginger. I'll also put a few teaspoons of tomato sauce for additional flavor. I set the rice cooker for one minute. Including warmup and cooking, it takes about 10 minutes. Since everything is being cooked in a closed pot, the flavor is fantastic. After cooking I top with avocado, and canned salmon, tuna or sardines. I'm getting a tremendous variety of vegetables with this meal, and if I fill the rice cooker, it will last me at least three days. What do you think? Too many carbs, not enough fat or ok?

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    sounds good to me. A+


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      on the drool-o-meter, I reckon it'd be about a 10!


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        Well it's really a healthy lunch..i will give you 10 out of 10.


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          Personally, I would put some butter in there as well, now THAT would be epic!
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            sounds great id love coconut oil on it ...

            if youre tryin to lose weight id cut out the seeds or nuts
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              Grab a bunch of primal foods, cook them all together ... perfect eating!

              As for your question about too much carbs ... just don't worry about it. Primal eating puts you very much in tune with your body - it will tell you if there's too much, or too little. Just eat primal and carry on about your day.

              "... needs more fish!"


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                The reason I worry about too many carbs is that for breakfast, I saute onions and garlic along with many vegetables (today tomato, red, orange peppers, kale, spinach and bok choy) and then cook with two or three high omega 3 eggs and top with avocado. Lunch is many vegetables as stated above along with a protein source. Dinner is chicken, turkey or fish along with a vegetable. I tend to snack on fruit and nuts. I don't eat red meat out of a long standing habit. I've stopped taking a statin (it was making me foggy and forgetful) and my cholesterol is rising along with my LDL's. My HDL's are high, so I have a good ratio between total cholesterol and HDL, but I'm concerned about my rising LDL's. Any thoughts?


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                  I wouldn't sweat your LDLs. They are likely the large fluffy type which is benign. High HDL and low trigs predict large LDL particle size.

                  I also would not sweat the carbs. Your description of your diet makes it sound quite low carb. Don't worry about carbs from veggies. Seriously: Archevore - Archevore Blog - No Such thing as a macronutrient part II - Carbohydrates*(revised)

                  Your lunch looks very good. On days that you eat tuna, you may (possibly) need to add more fat. If you're using a whole avocado, then maybe not. The salmon and sardines are probably fatty enough on their own. If you're satisfied with your meal and not getting hungry too soon after eating, then disregard my suggestion to add fat.