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Pressure cooker broth - how long can it go?

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  • Pressure cooker broth - how long can it go?

    I just started experimenting with making broth in the pressure cooker. Basically all instructions I could find in books and on the net say to go one hour. Has anyone gone longer successfully to wring the absolute most possible out of the broth without ruining any result? How long could one go? I may experiment myself but wanted to hear other's experiences

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    I cooked some beef neck bones last night for about two hours I guess, and let the pressure drop on it's own for a while. Until I realized that it wasn't fully releasing because I had overfilled the cooker! Apparently I'm still a noob at pressure cooking. I forgot to only add water up to the "do not fill past this line" line. I just kept adding until it covered the bones. Stupid.

    When I took the bones out, the thinner parts were crumbly, which I took as a good sign that minerals had been successfully extracted. I will taste some tonight and let you know if the extra cooking time helped or hurt.


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      Can you also let me know if the stock had "jelled"?!