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How to Open a Coconut at Home the Fastest Way

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  • How to Open a Coconut at Home the Fastest Way

    How to Open a Coconut at Home the Fastest Way

    I remember being frustrated at seeing a video of someone showing how to open a bald coconut for coconut milk. The guy in the demo was poking holes in the coconut “eyes”… and taking an abominably long time to finish the entire process. My eyes rolled.

    Well here is how to open a coconut at home the fastest way. I live in coconut land, so that’s all the credentials I need.

    Step 1 – Get bald coconut on palm of left hand and expose the axis on top. Have a basin ready at the bottom of your hand to catch coconut water.

    Step 2 – Get your big heavy knife and flip it for the blunt edge ready for striking the coconut across the axis / equator.

    Step 3 – Strike once hard, the coconut will split across the axis and release the water. Pry open with knife if needed to release the coconut water.

    Step 4 – If the coconut is not entirely split open, turn the coconut 90 degrees across the axis and strike it again a SECOND TIME. If you don’t finish opening a 2nd time, strike a THIRD TIME.

    That’s it. Coconut open.

    Sample pics:


    source: How to Open a Coconut at Home the Fastest Way | My Family Health Blog

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    That is one cool knife. It is seriously epic looking!

    We have no such awesome knife. So, my husband just drills into all three eye holes and lets the water drain into a cup. Then, I believe, he puts the coconut in a bag and whacks it with a hammer. That works pretty fast as well...

    Do you have any hints on how to remove/pry the meat from the coconut quickly? That always seems to take the longest time…


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      yes, that may be the issue for many of us though a small machete should work too yes?


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        In pic one all I can see it the tray full of Larva??? (silk worm maybe?) to the left of said big azz nut... Are you really THAT primal? LOL
        I love the concept of eating more bugs as protein... but my western upbringing gets the best of me. *sigh*

        BTW... look at all that pearly white meat! THAT is a beautiful coconut... I'm in FL and can't get them nice like that.
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        And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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          could that be tumeric (instead of larvae?)


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            That is turmeric, not larvae.


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              How to grate at home manually with a stool and a grating metal extension.

              How coconut grating is done in any wet market today in the Philippines


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                I take a coconut in one hand and slam it against the edge of a cement step. Cracks open and then pour the water into a glass.


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                  I put the coconut over a bowl and tap it with a hammer. Unfortunately here it's hit or miss whether you get a good one. I've opened ones that were mouldy.