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2012 - A Beef Jerky Odyssey

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  • 2012 - A Beef Jerky Odyssey

    One of my biggest challenges eating paleo is "take-out" food. If I'm out on the go, I need healthy snacks to bring along. My two mainstays have been trail mix and Larabars, but these foods are getting monotonous. I've desperately wanted to add beef jerky to mix, but I am a stickler for grass fed meat and have never seen grass fed beef jerky for sale commercially.

    I'm not much of a cook and I knew my wife was never going to go to the extra trouble, so last month I bit the bullet. While buying my regular order of ground beef, broth bones, steaks and ribs from my friendly local grass fed farmer, I grabbed a 3 lb chuck steak at the very reasonable price of $5.00 a lb.

    I get these things already frozen, so I let it thaw out I guess about a third of the way and started cutting off jerky sized slices. No problem whatsoever, even with a lousy knife.

    There are tons of recipes for the marinade on the internet. Most are variations soy sauce, brown sugar, brown pepper and cayenne. You stir the meat into the sauce and let it marinate overnight. Then I just laid the strips out on a cookie sheet, set my oven on its lowest temp of 170 degrees and let them cook for about five hours, turning them over.

    Came out perfect. Great jerky. Even my teenage daughter likes it.

    It was SOOO EASY!!

    Next I'm going to try to go soy free with an apple based recipe I found online here.
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