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  • Uni Student food planning

    Hey Guys, bit of a lurker here.

    Wanting advice from others about cheap fast primal meals and also snacks and lunches.
    I just moved into a residence and have opted for the self catering option. I should also mention I am living in Auckland, New Zealand.

    I have a oven, hob, microwave at my disposal and also can get my hands on cooking utensils and other kitchen essentials. Just want to hear your guys recipes and tips/advice as this is a very busy time for me and I am finding it hard to whip up some good solid meals.

    I should also mention I have some acne so any meals that would not aggravate it would help.
    I am quite tired so I would have missed some things so just ask me.

    Cheers, and I am looking forward to your responses!

    EDIT: Woops, also should have mentioned I do have a slow cooker!

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    first question: what are you studying at uni


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      First year is just a foundation course so I can get back into it, then a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology.


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        eh, i don't know, man.

        i'll give you advice when you switch to engineering.


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          I'm sure others will share their advice despite what I am taking, anyway I really do enjoy engineering. I just find math more challenging than others.


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            i'm sure they will, but they won't give you advice like i can give advice.


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              Your right, they won't give advice like you because you don't give any.


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                You'll need to do some nifty shopping. Also get social! Groups of people can buy all manner of good things and pool. Back at Uni we used to eat really well at the weekend by pooling: someone buying meat, someone else veg, someone else wine.

                Nifty shopping is buying all the end of day stuff from the green grocer at a real knock-down price. Be tough! He's got more money than you. Likewise, nobble the butcher and the fishmonger for cheaper food - food reaching end of display date is still good, but people do want the freshest.

                You've got something sticking out of the front of your face which really helps! Smell food - off, you'll know it; not off, cheap and good to eat. Beyond that, cans of fish.

                Hunt for bargains, gather up the discounts.

                Have fun! Paleo eating really is as simple as some meat or fish and veggies. Add in eggs and you'll be happy. Imagination will keep it far from being boring. Pot of chilli powder always keeps it good.

                Grow your own?
                Help out down the docks? At the butcher? At the greengrocer? Pack up, clean up, unload ... for food. Social networking (for real, not that nonsense on the internet) is a skill and a blessing which will reap rewards for you.

                "... needs more fish!"


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                  Thanks for the advice Paul, I have thought about buying together in groups so definitely might try that. Where I am living though there are no fish mongers, or butcheries. So far I can only find supermarkets and their prices are really high.
                  I will carry on searching though.
                  Right now a favourite of mine is beef mince cooked with veges. Cheap and delicious.


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                    Mince is always good ... do check out pork, lamb and turkey mince, too. You might need to wet up pork and turkey mince with some fat. Coconut oil is good, as is lard and dripping.

                    "... needs more fish!"