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    Laver Bread ... big tub of the stuff from Swansea market!

    I used to live in Swansea (South Wales, UK) and the best ... THE BEST ... came off Swansea market. Fresh seaweed, boiled down to a slop and doled out in polystyrene cups. Squirt of vinegar and an accompanying pot of cockles. Heaven!

    That's how to eat seaweed!

    Pre-paleo, heavily buttered white bread toast and a good glob of laver bread. Wow! Nowadays, I slice up some mushrooms, fry off in pork fat and accompany with a good glob of laver bread.

    Interested? Want to put some money down for this most excellent British (paleo?) delicacy?
    Laverbread Parsons Pickles

    I am not connected with these people, but this is where I buy mine now I don't live anywhere near Swansea market.

    "... needs more fish!"


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      I threw a few of the dulse in the quick 'soup' I was making with my beef tongue and bock-choy, and that went Okay. I will keep doing that with my soups.
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        Originally posted by Leida View Post
        I threw a few of the dulse in the quick 'soup' I was making with my beef tongue and bock-choy, and that went Okay. I will keep doing that with my soups.
        When I first tried dulse my reaction was "This is like eating what low tide smells like. Gross." However, if you just keep eating little bits now and then, it definitely grows on you. Maine Sea Vegetables sells powdered dulse that you can sprinkle on things-I like it in tuna or salmon salad.
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          All of them!
          Seriously... I haven't met a sea veg I dislike yet. Wakame, arame, hijiki, and fat choy/black moss are staples in my dry pantry. Kombu is as well to make stocks with. And nori... though I don't eat it solo... gotta try that nori as a cracker thing.

          If you have a local asian market there is a good chance you can get the fresh sea weed for sea weed salad there either in the cold case or in the freezer. I always pick this up when I can.

          I had to quit dulse as I'm on a sodium restricted diet and it's the saltiest of the sea veg.
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            I have tried eating Nori sheets vs taking a kelp supplement.
            I found that the effect on my metabolism was obvios when I ate nori but not when I took the kelp supplement.
            I felt warmer (I'm notoriously cold most of the time) and more energetic with the nori.
            Any similar experiences?


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              I love them all! Kelp powder sprinkled on chicken is especially delicious as are Kelp noodles.


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                Sea Tangle brand kelp noodles are great. I also like SeaSnax brand crunchy seaweed sheets. These are the only brand of this kind of snack that I have found that only has olive oil and no MSG or other chemical nastiness.


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                  Nori is mine favorite sea vegetable, it is a red sea plant with a sweet, meaty taste when dried. It contains nearly 50% balanced, assimilable protein, higher than any other sea plant. Nori's fiber makes it a perfect sushi wrapper.


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                    Does a Sea Cucumber count?
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