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Burger with ground bacon

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  • Burger with ground bacon

    I'd like to make some burgers with 50% ground bacon. I've found several recipes that describe how to mix the meat and cook it. One recipe has you bake the bacon slices until they are partially cooked, dice them up and mix with the ground beef. I'd like to grind the the raw bacon, mix it with the ground beef, form patties and grill or fry. I'm just not sure how exactly to grind the bacon. We have both a Kitchen Aid mixer with a meat grinder attachment and a stand alone small meat grinder. I've ground chunks of chuck roast for burgers and meatloaf and the butchers at my local market do it for me. They won't grind the bacon. Has anyone done this? Would it help if the bacon was slightly frozen? I appreciate your suggestions.

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    Remember that pork needs to be cooked more than beef. If you mix the raw bacon with the beef, you'll have to cook the burgers well. If you like your burgers medium to rare, you'll have to cook the bacon first.

    But if you like your burgers well done, go for it. I don't know what you can grind it in, but I've bought pancetta cubes at Trader Joes that would probably work great.


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      Actually, I do like my burgers "pinkish". I understand the need for the bacon to be cooked but I think if it was ground first the smaller bits would possible cook quicker, still I'd have to settle for a "not pinkish" burger. I understand that the bacon grease makes for a moister burger plus adds flavor. I was even wondering how this same mix might work in meatloaf. I already add pork sausage to the mix so adding bacon is probably redundant.


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        several restaurants already doin it ..

        i personally dont like it as much as keeping them seperate
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          I just put raw bacon in the food processor and blend. Then mix the beef and bacon in a mixing bowl.

          I found that 50/50 is a bit much, I like 40/60 or so more.

          Also, I remember as a kid I used to get raw bacon bits from my parents, right from the package. I still do it from time to time. It might be that there's a difference in the bacon here and in the states. But I don't believe in bacon needing to be cooked as you can see .


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            I like my bacon crispy, so I precook it, then mix it in with the burger. I find that when it's cooked, it's easy to just chop it up with a knife as fine as I need to, then mix it in.


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              I freeze several slices and then run it through a food processor. The bacon chops up fairly fine. If you don't have a processor than try cutting in very tiny pieces.
              No problem with one meat cooking before the other using finer pieces. If you are concerned then quickly lightly cook it to just cook it slightly. Cool and mix into burger.
              Last time I made the burger 50/50 mix, and felt the bacon was overpowering even though I love bacon. I agree that less bacon is probably a better combo.


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                Oh man is this an inspiring idea.

                Someday I'm getting a 'Stuffed Hamburger Press' - most likely when I get an apartment or whatnot. I'm tempted by the thought of making hamburgers stuffed with ground bacon, or a hamburger with a ground bacon exterior.

                The (admittedly, deliciously greasy) possibilities are delightful.