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Amazing Primal breakfast omelette. Do this!!!

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  • Amazing Primal breakfast omelette. Do this!!!

    So I was scanning the fridge an cupboards this morning wondering what to eat, and this just sort of evolved. Have to say, it's amazing! Great if you're bulking up, but can be adapted if you're trying to lose....

    Kcal: 641
    Fat: 40g (Sat 10.4g, Poly 4.3g, Mono 16.4g)
    Protein: 34.7g
    Carb: 34.9g (Fibre 5.4g)

    The vitamin and mineral profile is nothing short of spectacular.



    4 eggs
    1 (or more sausages)
    half a red bell pepper/capsicum
    1 5-6" sweet potato (long and thin is best)
    half tsp of turmeric powder
    dried red chili or half fresh red chili
    cracked black pepper
    Oil (olive or coconut)

    Method (about 20mins in total)

    1. Cut sausage into chunks and fry in oil with sliced peppers until done. Remove from pan and set aside.
    2. Peel sweet potato and slice into thin (half a cm or less) discs. Fry in pan with a splash of oil for 5-10mins, turning once, until al dente.
    3. Meanwhile, whisk 4 eggs in a mug, together with the turmeric and chili.
    4. When potatoes are done, pour egg mixture on top and fry like an omelette. Prevent it from sticking with a large spatula/fish slice. Sprinkle sausage and peppers on top as it starts to set.
    5. Put the pan under the grill for 2 minutes to finish the top side, remove, add pepper to taste.
    6. Sit back, relax and enjoy with a smug satisfaction (optional).

    Tip! It's best to keep the heat low-medium to avoid burning and sticking. Worth waiting the extra few minutes for perfect cooking. Omelette can also be enjoyed cold for lunch etc.
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    man that sounds really good! i would be the only person in my house to eat it (well maybe my 2 year old, she eats whatever i eat)

    but i'll have to give it a shot! (journal)


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      the best recipies come from throwing together whatever is there. sounds great. more like dinner to me. into the low cal high protein 1st (of 2 only) meal thing. but for evening meal-has it all.


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        I'm gonna try this in a few days...sounds delicious. I max out at 3 eggs though, and will add some spinach...gonna try to flip it instead of putting under the grill.