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A way to use up old flour without eating it

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  • A way to use up old flour without eating it

    If you have some old wheat flour in your cabinet that you don't want to go to waste, try Alton Brown's beef tenderloin recipe:

    Beef Tenderloin in Salt Crust Recipe : Alton Brown : Food Network

    Video: Good Eats S7E0P4: Eat This Rock - YouTube

    You wrap the meat in a salty dough and bake it, then discard the dough.

    Obviously you shouldn't cook this if you are very sensitive to gluten, but it's probably fine for the rest of us, right?

    Has anybody tried this recipe?

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    It sounds very similar to a lamb recipe I read about - you make a large crust and just wrap it around the meat and a few veggies, cook, crack open and serve out the meat.

    Funnily enough, the traditional British Fish & Chips ran along this line - the batter for the fish was originally just cracked off and the steamed fish released, the batter discarded.

    "... needs more fish!"


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      You could probably use the flour to clean up pots and pans. When I burn something, I throw in baking soda and scrub. Maybe the flour would work too. I do the same to my stove-up when I forget to clean it for weeks. Oops.

      You could make play dough
      How to Make Playdough (Play-doh)

      Bake some muffins and feed them to the zombies (errrm, co-workers!)
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      Updating my journal again after a 2 year break.