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  • Freezer "essentials"?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm going to a farmers market at the weekend, so prime opportunity to stock up on meat, eggs, fresh local produce.

    But what would you recommend? I'm thinking dry-cure proper bacon to start...

    I could do with suggestions of cheaper cuts of meat, or items that can be used in lots of different ways? It's a bit warm for stews at the minute though so does that rule out the really cheap cuts?

    Also does anyone prioritise what meat needs to be organic? Eg I saw somewhere (I've been reading around a lot!) that pork is one to really watch, as they store vitamin D in the fat so outdoor / organic is critical. As opposed to chicken, because free range is readily available in supermarkets.

    Any thoughts, ideas...?

    Thank you!!

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    NM I'd say prioritize beef. In my experience, it's very hard to find grass-fed meat in regular supermarkets, and when you do, it's prohibitively expensive. Not that farmers market are necessarily cheap though.

    If I were you, I'd get all 100% grass-fed beef cuts I can and freeze it all. I'd also look for free-range lard and good grass-fed organ meats.

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      When I go to the farmers market I generally opt for organ meat. I usually get at least heart, tongue and liver. They're generally pretty cheap- as little as $2.00/lb. Remember, you can cut larger pieces into smaller portions. (Pork loin into several chops.)


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        Thank you

        (have tried liver and not to my taste, may go for the others though!)