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  • Quick Easy Breakfast Ideas

    I have an early morning as is, so I don't want to wake up any earlier to make myself a big breakfast. I don't eat breakfast every morning but there are days that I wake up hungry and need something quick and easy to make.

    Any suggestions?

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    Make a large egg tortilla with onion, bacon, veggies, fresh herbs - whatever floats your boat - the evening before. A large tortilla will be good for two breakfasts.

    Then eat cold from the fridge.
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      you could make a big ole frittata and store it in the fridge...I'm gonna start doing that


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        sometimes I'll make a big quiche and eat a chunk of it cold on the way out the door.
        Lately I've had more time and have been refining my fried eggs, if you have everything set out (eggs and butter in the front of the fridge, pan on the stove) it can take longer to eat them than to make them.
        If you want some bacon to go with, bake it up on the weekend but take it out of the oven just a hair undercooked. cool and freeze in a zip-top bag. 30 seconds in the microwave between a couple pieces of paper towel and it's ready to go.


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          My berry crumble!!! 5 min start to finish. Had it for brkfst this am. Paleo Musings: Berry Crumble
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            Make this the night before and cut into slices like a pizza. Eat cold from the fridge.
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              I make a half dozen scotch eggs at a time and have two for breakfast, just heat in the microwave for a minute and they're ready to go.


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                Egg nog! It's my go-to quickie breakfast. Use coconut or almond milk if you don't have access to raw dairy.

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