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porketta recipes??? (porchetta)

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  • porketta recipes??? (porchetta)

    which cuts are you using ... and how are you seasoning, baking ...

    im thinking of something with full belly atleast so i can get some skin too ..

    thinkin of doing this this weekend ..

    im italian, unfortunately i have no recipe!

    anyone want to step up? too many recipes online arent traditional with the cut of meat. ..

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    Doesn't the traditional porchetta consist of the entire pig? I'm okay with substituting a cut of meat for kitchen finesse. I've done the Zuni Mock Porchetta, by Judy Rodgers, more times than I can count--it's so perfect that I've stopped experimenting.

    Buy a 3-3 1/2 lb boneless pork shoulder TODAY, for this weekend. If you want more, buy two pork shoulder roasts--you want lots of crunchy golden outside bits to yummy scrummy inside bits.

    Separate the seams. Salt it all over with 1/2 tsp salt per pound of meat. Stuff the seams with a mix of /capers/lemon zest/rosemary/sage/fennel seeds/black papper, roll it up again and tie it together. Let sit in your fridge for 1 to 3 days. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The presalting does wondrous things to the porchetta.

    Roast at 350 with a bunch of root veggies, turning the roast so the veggies cook in the rendered fat. Add 1/3 c of chicken stock a couple hours in. Cook pork to 185 F--this will take 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 hours. Let it rest, tented with foil.

    Skim fat off the pan, add vermouth and 1/3 C stock to make pan sauce.

    Here is an online version of the recipe:Zuni Cafe Mock Porchetta/


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      agreed on the entire pig ... but im most frustrated by people using cuts without the fat/skin .. also agree on the marinating .. im thinking i will be picking it up and seasoning friday morning, cooking sunday morning (this will be food o the week next week for lunch)

      i guess im too butcher ignorant to know what to call up and order LOL..

      and im also looking for that crisssspy crust, so probably need a method starting off or ending high heat (preferably starting off)
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        a friend sent me this link this morning .. this looks more like it, and very promissing

        Porchetta | Simple Comfort Food

        curiously id LOVE to add mushrooms ... hmm
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        started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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