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Making coconut milk ice cream... questions

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  • Making coconut milk ice cream... questions

    So I've been doing the coconut milk + eggs in double boiler + vanilla extract + stevia + ice cream maker thing, and I have a few questions.

    1) What exactly is the science behind the custard making. i.e., why exactly am I heating the mixture up? Is it for food safety reasons (raw eggs) or is it for something specific to the ice cream making process? This is especially in regards to the instructions that I'm supposed to cook and whisk until it's custard-like, and I'm not sure I'm getting to that point. So is it because the heat isn't high enough or I'm not whisking enough (and why the need for constant whisking?)

    2) I noticed at high enough temp and/or not enough whisking, it seemed like I was seeing a "skin" form on top of the liquid and the sides of the bowl from evaporation. Am I doing it wrong/what should I do then?

    3) The ice cream once done, and frozen again in an airtight container, seemed kinda gritty to taste, is this because of ice crystals, if so, what can I do to make it even smoother?

    4) Since I'm using canned coconut milk, I'm noticing that the cream tends to separate from the water. Would it be even better if I just scooped the cream out and threw away the water, or will that ruin the ice cream in other ways?


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    I found this link, maybe it will be helpful Paleo Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream | Paleo Diet Lifestyle


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      Yes, that's one of the recipe sites I used actually, but that led to the questions I had above.


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        I believe adding alcohol will prevent the crystallization and result in a smoother ice cream. Use a teaspoon of vodka or flavored liquor.
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          Hmm, the vanilla extract contains alcohol... maybe I could add it later in the mixing step. I added while I was making the custard so maybe it evaporated away?


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              I have been making coconut milk ice cream for awhile and have ended up using a mixture of several recipes.
              I mix: 1 can coconut milk 2 egg yokes 1 tbls raw honey 1/2 tbls vanilla 1 tbls arrowroot.

              i do not heat the mixture - i use pastured local eggs.
              Arrowroot acts as a smoothing agent, less ice crystals.
              i usually put the mixture into an ice cream maker, but have even skipped that step and poured into serving size containers and put in freezer.
              Delicious snack, usually eat with a banana mashed in