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Bone Broth success! . . . What did I do right?

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  • Bone Broth success! . . . What did I do right?

    I've been making and drinking bone broth (chicken and beef) for a few months now. I enjoy drinking it and I've managed to replace my morning cup of coffee with it. However, making bone broth does take some "doing". I use a pressure cooker and that cuts down on the time. If not for the health benefits, I wouldn't go to the trouble, tasty as it is. Beef bones are expensive here, between 2 and 3 dollars a pound. For chicken broth I save all the bones from cooked chicken we buy or make ourselves. I've been having a problem getting the broth to gel after cooking the bones and refrigerating the stock. I feel if the broth gels it indicates a much higher quality of broth. I do add vinegar to help the bones release minerals. Someone, awhile back, suggested adding a couple of chicken feet or tossing in a package of chicken wings since the wing tips have so much collagen in them. Chicken feet, being a little hard to come by, although the Asian market in the next town might have them, I bought some chicken wings, trimmed off the tips and put them, uncooked, in the stock pot with the cooked chicken bones. This morning, after being in the refrigerator overnight, I had stock, well gelled, that I couldn't even pour into a cup without making a mess, I had to spoon it out instead. Having said all this, I'd like some opinion on whether it was the wing tips that made the difference or the fact that the wing tips went into the stockpot raw, that could have made the difference. All the other chicken bones came from cooked chicken. I am able to buy beef feet at our local market and I think that should help the beef broth. Also, I have made turkey stock from cooked turkey bones and it gelled like crazy. Go figure.
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    I think the wing tips would have made it gel whether roasted or not, but I like a mix of raw and cooked bones personally. Chicken feet - if you can get them - are a superb addition. As are cow feet, pig feet etc - MASSES of gelatine comes out of them.

    JUST raw bones doesn't have the depth of flavour that I want. Roasting most of the bones does it for me.

    Congratulations on you success!!