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Curried 'Southern' Greens

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  • Curried 'Southern' Greens

    The latest Bon Appetit is a doozy, loaded with Southern food but it inspired this new recipe that I created yesterday.

    I'm trying to get more greens in my diet, as the local 'natural' grocery store has their own organic farm, and they usually have some sort of it on sale. This week it's kale, so this is what I used.

    2 bunches of Kale, rinsed, and torn into smaller pieces
    1 large onion, sliced
    4 pieces of bacon, diced
    2 smoked turkey legs (I used Diestel)
    2 garlic cloves, minced
    1/4 cup Pepper Plant hot sauce
    3 TB curry powder
    1 TB garam masala
    1 tsp cayenne pepper flakes
    salt to taste

    This can also be done in a crock pot, but I used my faux Le Crueset enamel dutch oven. I preheated the oven to 180 degrees.

    Bring 6 cups of salted water to boil in a large pot. Blanch the kale in it for just about 5 minutes. Strain, reserving 2 cups of the liquid, and set aside.

    In the dutch oven, cook the bacon over medium heat until the fat starts to rend. Add the onions, and cook, stirring, until soft and translucent. Add the garlic, cook a couple more minutes. Add kale in a layer over the onions/bacon mixture.

    Using 1 cup or so of the liquid, mix in the seasonings and hot sauce, and whisk to combine. Pour over the kale.

    Nestle the two turkey legs on top.

    Cover and cook 5-6 hours, don't stir it.

    Remove from the oven, and take out the turkey legs, set aside and shred the meat. Return to the pot and stir to combine ingredients. Salt as needed. Add more hot sauce if you like too. I also added a pat of butter at the end w/ a bit more curry powder, as my hubby prefers curry dishes to be glowing yellow LOL

    The bacon + the smoked turkey + the curry is such a great combination, and makes an epic broth. I can't wait to try the leftovers tonight, you know how curry sits and gets even better...

    I'm also going to try it with smoked pork next time, they didn't have any at the store so I'm going to order a smoked ham hock online.

    I made white rice for the hubby to serve it over (ok so I had some too, I'd spent all day claying/waxing my car), but I bet this would be great with sweet potatoes - curry/smoky/spicy + sweet.... mmmmm yummy.