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feeding vegetarians for three days. help!

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  • feeding vegetarians for three days. help!

    so i am hosting some people for three days and they are vegetarian. i should be able to do this seeing as i used to be one myself, but i lived off of lentils!
    so i am thinking some sort of quiche to make (i have an enormous emu egg to make it with ). then some butternut squash with spaghetti squash. what else???? i need mainly lunch/dinner ideas. thanks!
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    A whole load of roasted veg of every imaginable type (green and starchy)... including potatoes and sweet potatoes.

    Salad fixins galore.

    You can simply add meat to the roasted veg and salad to make it primal for yourself.

    If they are egg friendly are they shrimp/shellfish/fish friendly too? A nice pescatarian meal such as a seafood stew would suit everyone if they are fish friendly.
    Some rice wouldn't hurt with a fish meal. And you could share in that as well if you want to.

    Remember to roast/cook things to be shared in common in coconut or olive oil. LOL
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      How about a veggie lasagna with zucchini noodles? Extra cheese to replace the meat!
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        alas, they do not eat fish. they will do eggs. i don't do much in the way of dairy but i might have to for this! the veggie lasagna sounds good. any recipes?
        Home birthing legal mama. Unschooler. Jewish Intactivist (step away from the foreskin!). Full-term breastfeeder. Kettlebell padawan.


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          Green salad and fruit salad would be great. Stir fry is easy and you all could add the protein of you choice. Steamed veggies like asparagus and broccoli.

          I love tabbouleh made with quinoa. Ancient Embrace: Quinoa Tabbouleh

          I bet they will be really happy that you have put this much thought into it for them. You are a good friend!


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            Berries and cream:-)
            Wow! You have to eat too. How about the BAS for lunch (bad ass salad). Instead of meat, etc., you could use pomegranate seeds, some raw cheese grated in it, and some Brazil nuts or soaked almonds.

            Smoothies for breakfast -- berry smoothies so you get one too:-)

            That would be fun if you could make it primal vegetarian -- yep, you'd have to do dairy those three days. Full fat dairy.

            Big omelets cooked in butter with lots of vegies. Omelets work at night too -- especially if you take them hiking and get back late and they are starving:-)

            Yes, I think you can do it. Good luck and have fun. Do they know you're primal?


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              I used to go to HUGE efforts feeding vegetarian friends with "their" food. But gradually I noticed that, when they had me over for a meal, they didn't in the least attempt to cater for my meat-eating habits.

              So now I cook a first course that is totally vegetarian, then roast veg, salad, meat, potatoes of some sort and they can eat what bits they can eat. I WON"T be browbeaten into not putting meat on my plate! And then berries and cream or something for desert.

              I feel much happier like this!