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  • Sloppy Grok!

    You got it! Sloppy Joe!

    The origins of this sandwich are mysterious ...

    Some maintain that it was José García, owner of a Havana bar nicknamed 'Sloppy Joes's' due to his ropa vieja sandwich which became known as a "sloppy joe". Others maintain it originated in Sioux City by a chef named Joe who made "loose meat sandwiches".

    Keep reading: living in the ice age: Sloppy Grok

    "... needs more fish!"

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    i like the portobello for a bun. gotta try it,maybe as an open faced sandwich deal.
    BTW,sloppy joe's is in key west,supposedly an old hemingway hangout. might have been one in havana,don't know. if so,likely another hemingway hangout.
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      The portobello is good, but this is one "sandwich" where it bread is really irrelevant. Ya can't pick it up anyway unless your really eat caveman style.
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        Portobello mushrooms work a treat wherever bread, muffin or something equally tasteless is required for a recipe - they work well as straight-up burger buns, too.

        The key thing is to cook on the top side for a good while until the liquid is released into the fleshy underside, then flip over and boil off the liquid while retaining the flavour and structure.

        Regarding Hemingway, according to SLOPPY JOE'S BAR - KEY WEST, FLORIDA "It was Hemingway, a favorite patron of Russell's bar from the start, who encouraged its name change to Sloppy Joe's. The new name was adopted from Jose Garcia Rio Havana club selling liquor and iced seafood. Because the floor was always wet with melted ice, his patrons taunted this Spanish Joe with running a sloppy place... and the name stuck."

        "... needs more fish!"


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          pjgh,wonderd about the key west/havana connection. gonna hit it (not havana,unfortunatly) with the "little" girl this summer.