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Home Made Mayo Disaster

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  • Home Made Mayo Disaster

    I tried making some home made mayo using the technique from this video and all I got was a bad tasting liquidy goo.

    I'm so frustrated I want to scream. I feel like I wasted a bunch of money on a stick blender and ingredients.

    Someone please help me. I really want to make some mayo, but it seems like it's impossible to make.

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    The mistake is in putting all the oil in before blending. You must add the oil slowly. It works, really.
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      I only use 1/3 cup oil per egg, dry mustard and a squeeze of lemon juice & a bit of salt. Mine always is liquid, but that's how I like it, because I grew up with liquid mayo.

      I think he adds all oil, as he lifts the blender from the bottom up to top as the mayo solidifies.
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        I didn't see the video, but I've made it with an immersion blender (kitchen aid). I used light olive oil with lemon juice, dry mustard, and one egg. I put it all in at once and blended. It turned out great. If I were to use a regular blender, I would slowly pour in the oil.

        What was bad about your mayo?


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          Originally posted by wendyland View Post
          What was bad about your mayo?
          The consistency, it was just a liquid goo.


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            If you still have your liquid goo sitting around, you could possibly add an additional egg yolk. Put the yolk at the bottom of a container that you can use with the immersion blender and then slowly pour your goo into that. I've always just plopped the egg straight out of the fridge into the bottom of the immersion blender beaker then put whatever spices/herbs I was using on top of that, give it a quick whirl, add in about a cup of oil stick the blender in down to the bottom, turn it on and slowly bring it to the surface. I haven't had a failure yet.
            I've tried making mayo the blender/slow drizzle way and have never had a success that way although some folks swear by that method.
            I'm too lazy to use a whisk.
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              Originally posted by kiss View Post
              If you still have your liquid goo sitting around, you could possibly add an additional egg yolk. Put the yolk at the bottom of a container that you can use with the immersion blender and then slowly pour your goo into that.
              I tried that and I just got more liquidy goo. Although I didn't pour the original liquid in slowly I just dumped it all in.

              I guess I'll try another time, but isn't there a way to make mayo that doesn't fail half the time?


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                Originally posted by Grok View Post
                I guess I'll try another time, but isn't there a way to make mayo that doesn't fail half the time?
                Hmmm, that's a tough one. I had given up on mayo making until I got an immersion blender. I was always frustrated when I tried to do it in the blender by slowly drizzling oil even though EVERYBODY else seemed to be able to do it.
                Maybe try again with all fresh stuff. I know how anger inducing it is to waste such expensive ingredients. But the stick blender is a good thing to have regardless if it works for mayo. It's great for pureeing soup and mine has a little food processor attachment that I use to rice cauliflower as well as chop onions and other veggies.
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                  Having everything a room temperature helps. I use a stick blender and it took me 2 or 3 tries before I got it right. I added the oil all at once right after the egg yolk.


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                    I use a hand whisk, not a blender.

                    Whisk your yolks until they are soft and light, and then drizzle in melted butter whisking constantly. Drizzle in oil .. that's fine, too.

                    Mayo takes time and effort - as a primal, the thought of some activity should put a smile on your face just as much as eating the food afterwards! Jump in, have fun ... with a hand whisk.

                    That stick blender is still very useful indeed! All manner of trimmings and things you'd otherwise throw away can be made into little soups and "amuse bouches". As an off-topic side not, take a nose at: living in the ice age: Cauliflower Stalk Amuse Bouche and living in the ice age: Romanescu Stalk Amuse Bouche

                    Back to mayo ... have another go.

                    Oh, one I like is with a good squeeze of pink grapefruit!
                    living in the ice age: Pink Grapefruit Mayonnaise

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                      This recipe gave me awesome mayo on the first try. Ditto on the SLOW adding of the oil. I did half a recipe because I was afraid of wasting ingredients if I failed.
                      I thought it was really easy and pretty quick!
                      Homemade Paleo Mayo Cooking Demo!! | Everyday Paleo
                      I used a whisk attachment on my immersion blender (hubs got me a fancy shmancy one) but I imagine the stick blender would work just fine.
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                        Okay, I tried again with my egg yolks at room temperature. I also started with a 1/2 cup of oil, then added in another 3/4 cup slowly. This time it was more successful. I'm thinking bringing my eggs to room temperature was probably the trick.

                        The mayo was a little tangy. I might be able to adjust the ingredients a bit to my liking.

                        Hopefully this stuff keeps well in a jar in my fridge.


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                          there is such a thing as over-beating especially with the immersion blender. It happened to me. Add one yolk and whisk by hand, it should stiffen up
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                            I made my own mayonaise from rendered bacon fat. 3 pounds of bacon yielded approximately one cup of liquid bacon fat. 3 egg yolks in the bottom of a kitchen aid stand mixer with the whisk attachment on. started blending the eggs and then added the bacon grease drop by drop. The key is to add it drop by drop until an emulsion forms and then you can add it faster. If you add it too fast the egg and oil just separate, which is what it sounds like what happened with your try. You have to be really patient. In watching the video it looks like he is just barely spinning the egg into the oil at first until it starts to make an emulsion. The longer it takes to make it happen the better. Mine actually ended up being thicker than store bought mayo.

                            Be patient, it will work.


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                              Anyone tried this with coconut oil?