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Bone broth - freezing refreezing... and freezing again...

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  • Bone broth - freezing refreezing... and freezing again...

    OK, I'll try and make this easy to follow:

    So I'm making bone broth from a variety of bones that I've got in my freezer. My bones are all left overs, so, they have already been cooked and are frozen.

    I put them into the slo-cooker to cook again... to make BONE BROTH.

    Once finished, I strain out, and keep the broth, and throw away the meat/bones.

    I have too much broth, I freeze some in individual portions.

    Now technically, my broth has been cooked and frozen (as meat) recooked and refrozen (now as broth).

    Now lets say I take one of my individual portions to cook a curry in my slo-cooker. But, as I usually do, I make too much curry to eat in one go and want to freeze the left-overs.

    Can I freeze the curry (meaning that I am once again refreezing the broth component) or is this just too much risk???? (I think my broth has been frozen 3 times in this case).
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    I do this routinely and it has never occurred to me that the basic broth has been, as you say, frozen, refrozen and dozen again. But I don't think it matters!


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      I think that as long as it is cooked after each defrost and before each refreeze it should be ok. With regards to micro organisms anyway. Can't speak for freezer burn, tho I don't imagine it'll be a problem.


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        Anything frozen and thawed in the icebox can be frozen again. Anything frozen, thawed and then recooked, can be frozen again. This is from my wife who formerly ran a restaurant and kept her spoilage factor quite low. These rules she applies to our food. If something gets to the expiration date in the ice box, most stuff you can still use a few days later, but if refrozen then it must be used immediately after thawing. Cooking changes the chemical structure of food, is what I understand.
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          Yep, it's fine.


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            I'll add another positive on it being OK. In Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" his recipe for stock says that you can keep it in the fridge for a long time as long as you bring it to a boil it every 3rd day. I guess it would reduce to almost nothing before it went bad.