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Sausage source?

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  • Sausage source?

    (That's what she said.)

    So, I'd love to make some jambalaya/gumbo, but all the sausage I can find around here is TRASH. Anyone have somewhere they order it from? Who's got the good stuff?

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    Got a local butcher? That's the guy to see.


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      Nope. I live in the middle of god forsaken nowhere.

      There's a local brand I had a lot of hope in, but it's full o' MSG and such.


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        I'm going to be watching this thread because I'm having a really hard time finding anything remotely healthy for my gumbo. It seems like the smoked sausage always has tons of bad shit in it, not sure why that is. And it has to be smoked... no way you can sub anything else in the gumbo.


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          Hey, in fairness, the last time I ordered from this guy I was "pre-primal" but figured it would be worth a shot. Don't know about the ingredients in the sausauge but he sells aligator stuff he ships frozen right to your door. He ships some pretty awesome stuff. . .

          Crawfish and Seafood from Louisiana Shipped to Door/Airport

          Figured it would be worth a shot, might want to ask about the ingredients in the sausage; they're not listed on the page.


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            these ones are not too bad, for chicken sausages Aidells


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              You could always learn to make your own sausage. It's really not that difficult even. All the supplies you need can be found online.


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                If you want to do it that much, a trip to a Butcher is going to get you that ingredient you need. Mail order?
                Here in the UK, we have many brands close to 100% meat in the supermarket, no filler, no rusk, maybe potato flour, but then you don't know the source of the meat. Having a Butcher mince you some good meat and pack it into a skin is the way to go, pal.

                I love Jambalaya and Gumbo! Must make it again ...

                "... needs more fish!"


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                  I second the suggestion of making your own. Start with the ground protein source of your choice, appropriate spices, etc - it's probably the best way to get a healthy and reasonably-priced sausage, provided you have the time and are willing to put in a little work.

                  I generally don't invest the time to do it myself, but I can definitely see the advantage in doing so, from a cost perspective.


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                    A warning about making your own may become addicted! It's easy, and you can end up with sausage that is so much better than what you can buy. Fresh bulk sausage is super simple -- if you have a kitchen-aid stand mixer you can buy a grinder attachment and go to town. Also easy to make your own ground beef 9lamb, chicken, turkey, etc.).


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                      Make your own. I started making my own when I did whole 30 last month and can't believe I had never tried that before. There are tons of recipes for sausage out there... just start with one and make your own adjustments until you've got your favorite spice blend.

                      Commercially packed sausage is full of sugar and additives and bad stuff. Making your own, you can pick what meat goes into it, the fat content, and everything. It's far superior.