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  • Primalizing Cheese Sticks

    Okay, okay I know this isn't great. But, I've been jonesing for fried cheese sticks for weeks now and I'm trying to think of ways to make fried cheese sticks more primal. I'm not planning on making a ton of these - I just want a small treat. Although if they turn out well, I might make them when I have parties as it might make a better appetizer than some of the really not primal stuff I used to serve.

    So, I was thinking about coating some cheese and either pan frying or baking in the oven to give that crispy outer crust. I was thinking either coating them in finely chopped nuts or shredded coconut, but I've not tried something like this before. Should I do an egg wash before dredging? Which would make a better coating? Is there something else that might be better for a crispy exterior? I've not really tried to primal-ize recipes so far, I've just avoided ones that don't work with the guidelines, so I'm not sure what the consensus is on flour/breadcrumb substitutes. TIA!

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    Lex I dont know where porkrinds fit in the primal picture but I have dipped them in eggs and rolled in crushed porkrinds followed by frying in a pan with coconut oil. My non primal family loves them.


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      I've been wanting to make chicken kiev (dat butter squirt) so I am also looking for a decent breading. But I've never had pork rinds so I'm hesitant to buy them.

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        Never had pork rinds either - hadn't even thought of them. I might try it, but I'm just not sure what they'd taste like.


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          I had an "atkins" dish years ago that was chicken or turkey in a heavy cream sauce with pork rinds breading... It was great. I vote you give it a go


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            I use pulverized dry mushrooms (shiritakes, put them through a coffee grinder turned spice grinder) as my breading substitute. I think you will need egg-wash for the 'breading' to stick.
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              pork rinds! I did a taste test with pork rinds, nut flour, and coconut flour on chicken and there was no comparison. Since they're just an occasional treat, I'd fry them. Cheese might melt in the oven....
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