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Sweet Chilli Sauce?

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  • Sweet Chilli Sauce?

    I am planning to make the Sweet Coconut Sauce from the Primal Blueprint Meals in Under Thirty
    Minute cookbook (not sure if that is the exact title), and it says to use 'Sweet Chile Sauce' from the Asian section. Just wondering if this is an American spelling of what is called 'Sweet Chilli sauce' in Australia, or if it is actually something different?

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    Hi Lucy. Tell us what sweet chili sauce is like down under.
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      Ok, the ingredients are

      Sugar, Water, Pickled Red Chilli, Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Stabiliser Xanthan Gum

      100ml has 0.5g fat, 73g carb (69.3 sugar), 1g protein

      1% fat, 97% carb, 1% protein

      Obviously I wouldn't pour it on my steak. Just wondering if it's the same stuff as the 'sweet chille'.
      If it is, perhaps the small amount used in the recipe in the quick and easy meals book is deemed part of the 20%. Which is fine, I just want to check whether I'm using the right stuff or not.



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        i actually found a mexican mango/chile sauce (in the indian grocery) that has nothing non-whole 30 per the label. brand name deep Ole. seems east asian stuff is soy heavy and latin bean/corn heavy. many indian spice packages are whole 30 compliant,for what this is worth.


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          If u are using coconut milk, I would just add fresh chiles. No additives/preservatives. Just my 2 pesos.
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            Thanks, but I'd really just like to know if 'sweet chilli' sauce is the same as the 'sweet chille' sauce he mentions in the book.

            I figure it is a primal recipe since it is from his book, so if he says it's ok i don't want to change the recipe as all the nutritional info is already there, and I can bet it tastes better than any modifications I make.


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              I would guess that yes, it is Sweet Chili sauce and that it is a typo because Chile is a country, not a sauce? I have never seen sweet chile sauce hehe =) My sweet Chili sauce (from the Asian Market) has: Water, Sugar, Red Chili, Tapioca Starch, Garlic, Vinegar and Salt.


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                Spinningtales thanks! Very helpful. I shall continue with my current sauce...but I think I'll try and find one ASAP where sugar isn't the first ingredient. I did think the spelling was odd, but I wasn't sure since American spelling is different to Australian spelling quite often.