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Need to buy a food processor/blender, any suggestions?

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  • Need to buy a food processor/blender, any suggestions?

    Hey folks.

    Seeing as though this has to do with food prep. I assumed it's the right discussion area, please move it if I'm wrong.

    I'm looking to get myself a food processor of some kind to do some serious grounding. Any tips on a good one that you've had experience with?

    I'm looking at the Breville Kinetix blender as this has food processing options as well, it's not just a smoothie maker. My friend has one and it seems to work pretty well and at about ~$200 AUD it fits nicely with my budget.

    The Vitamix looks awesome but I can't afford the $1000 AUD price tag at the moment.

    I had a look at other actual food processors (and not processor/blender combo's) but have never used one so dont really know what to look for in terms of power and reliability.

    Any advice would be most helpful!


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    I love my Ninja and it only costed me about $100US


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      The ninja is pretty good - I have it too. Get the deluxe model if you can - I have the standard, use it nearly daily, and after just over a year it is developing cracks and some various other minor problems. Otherwise I would recommend Kitchen Aid - food processor or blender. I have a standing mixer I have had for about 11 years and it is wonderful. And you can get grinding attachments for it. It is the most versatile kitchen tool I have - even now when I don't use it for normal baking recipes it is great at whipping butter or whipped cream, mixing tuna salad, grinding meat, or mixing up grain free pancake or muffin recipes!
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      I'm alergic to carbs - they make me break out in fat!


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        I have a Blendtec and I LOVE IT!!!! It was a little pricey but has paid for itself over and over again. There are never any clumps when I blend ice. Before I went primal I made a lot of green smooties. It literally liquifies the spinach and carrots. I would put ice, a little yogurt, my fruit (preferred frozen blueberries or blackberries) along with a handful of organic spinach and 2 or 3 baby carrots. I actually got my kids and husband to drink these! LOVE LOVE LOVE my blender!! Now I still do some smooties but I use it to make a lot of soups as well as mixing up custard. The recipe book that came with it says it can make peanut butter. We gave up peanut butter so I am going to try to make some other nut butters with it soon.

        Vitamix blenders are great also (but again these are pricey also).


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          Love my ninja and use it daily
          --Trish (Bork)

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            Well now this is off-topic. Are the Ninja or Blendtec like a Vitamix? I've read they aren't.


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              Another thumbs up for the ninja system. I use it for everything generally twice a day minimum.


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                Thanks everybody!

                I'll assume this is the Ninja everyone is talking about: NinjaŽ Professional Blender - NJ600 | Official Site

                Doesn't look like they sell it in Australia. Might have to keep doing some digging to find out or use one of those mail forwarding addresses to get one over here.


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                  @OP - are you wanting a blender or a food processor?


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                    I loved my Ninja, too, until I realized how limited it is. I just traded it in for a Cuisinart 7-Cup food processor, ONLY $100, and it is AMAZING! Not only does it process food better than the Ninja but it also comes with discs for slicing and shredding! You don't need a Blendtec or Vitamix, trust me. They're awesome, but you don't have to spend that much to get a great machine. And comparing the Ninja to the Cuisinart, it is 20x better for only $40 more. They have a 9-Cup and 11-Cup model, but I find the 7-Cup perfect for me.

                    One thing that I hated about the Ninja is that you have to put the motor on the bowl for it to turn on. That drove me crazy bc, if I wanted to pour something in, while processing, it would splatter when I opened the spout. Also, not only does it have to be on the bowl, but you have to hold it down. So if you wanna make something that takes a while to process, like almond butter, you have to stand there the whole time...with the Cuisinart, it's a lever, so you can walk away and it will still be on. I love it. I can't say enough about it...obviously. You should def check it out.


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                      @breadsauce - I'm kind of looking for a combined unit. Got very limited kitchen/cupboard area so think a combined unit would be a better option than having multiple appliances.

                      @primalblone - Thanks for that. The Cuisinart looks good AND it's available in Australia, which the Ninja isn't. How do you go making normal smoothies with it? What's it like to clean? My friend who has the Breville Kinetix says it's a total pain to clean when she makes almond meal etc.


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                        My Ninja blender busted on me the other day while blending some ice. So be sure to register your purchase to get your 1 year warranty. I'm going to have to take mine apart and see if I can fix it on my own.