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Sauce for fish...chicken...or just drink it

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  • Sauce for fish...chicken...or just drink it

    In a quest for making fish more appealing to the family I have been looking for a good sauce...Their idea of fish is Fish and Chips...but would take McDonalds Chicken Nuggets over fish any day. So upping fish in our daily menu is difficult.

    But THIS is fantastic, it is versitile, and would also be great on chicken, shrimp....OHHHH squid too!

    Caper and Lemon Butter
    4 TBL butter
    2 TBL capers (smaller the better, drained)
    3-4 TBL lemon juice
    1-2 Tsp lemon zest

    Melt the butter toss in the capers for 1-2 minutes until fragrant, add juice and zest.

    I used it on Swai Fillets, and on Halibut. Both great.

    I will also add shallot, parsley or dill when I have them on hand. The Shallots will need to be cooked down a bit before the capers, the herbs would be tossed in at the last minute
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    Add a couple egg yolks and make it a Hollandaise Sauce. The egg binds with the butter and turn into a mayo-like consistency, way better than runny butter.


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      otzi has it! Hollandaise style sauce over white fish is still good - with capers, shallots (or spring onions/scallions) and some flat leaf parsley, fantastic! If you're okay with dairy, pour in a little cream, too. White pepper? Just a touch to lift it.

      Another good sauce for white fish is mushroom. Soften mushroom in butter, then add cream - you end up with a grey/brown thick deep sauce which can take a littel white pepper and some herbs - dill? Again, if you're okay with dairy ... otherwise, straight up Hollandaise style.

      You've got the right idea.

      "... needs more fish!"