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Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

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  • Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

    I made these today and they were really good, so sharing the recipe (if it can be called that) with you all.

    Slice sweet potato really thin (or use a mandolin). Melt some coconut oil and toss the slices in it to coat them all with a thin film of oil. Take a micro-wave safe plate and grease it with some CO and lay these slices on the plate. Make sure the slices don't overlap, you can fit about 10 slices at a time on a standard dinner-sized plate. Microwave for one and half minutes. Remove from microwave, at this point the slices will be soft. Flip the slices over and nuke them for another one and half minutes. By this time the slices would have crisped up and a light brown ring in the center of the slice would have formed. If they haven't crisped up yet, flip them and nuke for another 30 seconds. Salt them and enjoy.

    P.S: These burn really easily if you don't keep an eye. Check your microwave settings and accordingly increase/decrease the nuking time.