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  • Football Day Recipes!

    Hi all, just searching for the perfect recipes to make to eat while watching the Giants upcoming victory over the Packers. Any ideas? Right now, possibilities are: chicken wings (but what about a primal friendly/blue cheesy dip??), guacamole with kale chips or zucchini chips, or maybe the artichoke/olive/caper dip in the quick and easy primal cookbook.

    I'm looking for new ideas as well, though. What do you think?
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    Disclaimer: it pains me to help a Giants fan (living in Eagles country ten minutes away from where I grew up, nonetheless). Just wanted you to appreciate how difficult this is for me

    For wings, I use Frank's recipe: cut in half and pat dry, bake at 500 degrees for 20-25 minutes, toss in a melted butter/hot sauce mixture. If you handle dairy okay, mix blue cheese crumbles with sour cream or greek yogurt and a tiny splash of lemon juice for a tasty dip (add salt, pepper, chives, etc... for more flavor).

    Guacamole with zucchini chips is good. Guacamole with crispy bacon strips is better.

    Make tacos: brown up some ground beef with onions, add taco seasoning (make your own from one of the million recipes online, or do what I do and use the Trader Joe's one). Assemble inside lettuce cups with salsa, guac, tomatoes, cheese/sour cream if you do dairy, hot sauce.

    Roast beef (you can buy some at the deli, but you can make it way better/fresher/healthier: salt and pepper, 500 degree oven for 7 minutes/lb, then turn off the oven for 2.5hrs without opening the door...comes out tender and juicy every time). Let it cool, slice it thin, and roll the slices with horseradish or of my favorite finger foods.

    You can do an antipasto platter with cured meats, pickled veggies, olives, roasted red peppers, anything at all. Just look for stuff that's not jarred in vegetable oil.

    Get some quality all-beef hot dogs (Applegate Farms makes some awesome grass-fed ones), wrap in bacon and grill...cut into pieces and serve with mustard for dipping.


    Make carnitas. I use the Cook's Illustrated recipe. Put a big-ass pork shoulder in a crock pot with an orange, a halved onion, the juice of a lime, some cumin/oregano/salt/pepper and a couple of bay leaves. Cook all day. Take out the orange and onion, strain the pork (keep the liquid) and pull it apart with a fork. Reduce the liquid on the stovetop until it's thick and syrupy and toss the pork in it. For extra points and crispiness, broil the pulled pork before serving. Squeeze a little lime over the top and devour.

    Hope that helps...let us know what you end up making!


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      Bacon-wrapped anything -- jalapeno poppers, chicken livers, dates (for something sweet), water chestnuts...

      I admit I'm terrible at making wings at home (baking just never does it for me), so I suck it up and get a bunch from one of the local bars even though I know the crap oil they fry them in.

      Seafood! Shrimp, crab, mussels, clams with lotsa butter

      If you're eating fruit, one thing I love to put out are apple slices (soak them in some lemon water first to keep them from browning) with a full fat greek yogurt dip -- yogurt, vanilla, stevia and cinnamon

      Sweet potato fries

      Deviled eggs

      Cucumber salad -- cucumbers, onions, parsley, celery seed, ACV, splash of water and a little stevia (plus salt and pepper)


      Meatballs -- lots of different kind of recipes out there

      Hot sausage with peppers, onions and tomatoes

      Skirt steak with chimmichurri

      Nuts -- whatever mix you like and you can even do some sort of special seasoning for the occasion

      Stuffed mushrooms

      Real coconut macaroons

      And get some pork rinds for that guac!

      (GO PACKERS!!!)


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        The key for baking wings is to place the wings on a cooling rack, which elevates the wings from the drippings. Line a baking sheet (one that has edges) with foil, place in the cooling rack and wings on top. I usually do 20 to 30 minutes, flip and wait another 20 minutes (these are for frozen wings) at 450 - 475 F. Smoke alarms are a good sign the wings are done, especially if you don't use foil.
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          I've done the cooling rack thing. I just can never get the skin crispy enough and I'm weird when it comes to needing my wing skin to be extra crispy. I'll have to give it another go...thanks for the tip!


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            Wow, thanks all.

            Len - from '02 to '08, I was a Giants fan in Niner country. And I wish I still was. My wife and I miss our beloved Cole Valley desperately. Thanks for all of the ideas. I will try them all at some point, no doubt.

            Thank you too, Kratz. For whatever reason, deviled eggs just struck me. Probably because I always love them. And yes, pork rinds are a great idea for the guac.

            I'll definitely try some wings, the guac, and I'm thinking some sausange might be in order too. Oh, and I'll throw some veggies out for color.

            Go Giants.
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              Isn't the timer for the wings mounted on the ceiling at your house?
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