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simple primal short rib recipe

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  • simple primal short rib recipe

    Can anyone suggest how to cook short ribs? I bought some last night and would like to cook them up today the easiest and cleanest way possible.

    I'm inclined to just brown them and then bake them for a few hours.


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    Melt in Your Mouth Beef Stew | Health-Bent

    i made this and it came out really great. my personal issue is that the short ribs were really fatty and i just didnt care for all that fat. but i know many primals that like the fat in short ribs. i love for recipes and everyday paleo cookbook is a must. also paleomg blog is really funny and she actually has some great recipes on there.


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      Short ribs really need to be cooked low and slow to be tender.

      I brown about 4 pounds of ribs in a cast iron pot using coconut oil. Once the ribs are browned - remove them and throw a handful each of onion, celery and carrots (all finely diced) into the pot. After the veggies are wilted and slightly browned but the ribs back in the pott, followed by a cup or two of good beef stock and enough red wine to cover. Cover the pot, reduce to a simmer and let it cook for as long as you can - I cook it anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. After its done remove the meat and strain out the veggies. Let the leftover juices reduce to thicken. Remove the beef bones and put the meat back in the reduction. All done.

      However if your not in a hurry to make it even better - let the whole lot cool down and put it in the fridge over night and heat it up the next day. This also allows you to remove the extra fat which will congeal at the top of the container if your are so inclined.


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        I used this recipe for every rib imaginable, and it is the simplest and the best:

        James Beard's Roasted Spareribs Recipe at
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