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  • Inspiration please!

    So I went to the farmers market today and picked up the items here

    I also have butter, lard, red onions and more eggs already in the fridge.

    Help me please!

    I've never had that kind of squash before, and I'm getting bored of the "meat and two veg" meals I've been having.

    I've got a slow cooker, a griddle pan, but no other fancy kit :/

    I'll be forever in your debt if you can suggest some recipes? I've got all day tomorrow to play, but then am working the next 6 days.

    Thank you!!

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    Ok, let's see...

    With the squash, I just cut them in half and either bake or microwave them. Add salt, pepper and spices that you like. Or... use the eggs and some ground meat to make a meatloaf, put it in the squash where the seeds were, and bake it. Totally yummy that way. I like using a lot of cumin when I do that.

    The carrots and parsnips make good stew. I like to roast them too. I absolutely love roasted onions. You could put the leeks, parsnips, carrots, onions and meat chunks on a grill or in the oven, basted with butter and spices. Mmm...

    Leeks and onions would likewise be good in the stew, or a fine onion soup.

    Just thinkin.


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      Well, Not too sure what that long reddish thing is in the back there, but the mystery squash looks like an acorn squash. Be aware, if you've never cut one before, they're pretty hard to get open. I had to tap a knife through mine with a hammer to cleave it in two. Then, it's easy enough to work with, just like a regular squash. You could put some of that meat in your slow cooker with some of the peeled, cubed squash, carrots, parsnips and onion and let it do it's thing..

      You could do Primal fajitas by slicing up some of the meat and slicing some carrots, onions and parsnips.. If you have any peppers you could toss them in there, too - saute together and serve it over the lettuce and if you have any tomatoes or avocado or salsa you could add all that to the mix..

      Uhhh... what else.. You could have some beef and make vegetable patties with the onions, carrots, parsnips and egg. Just chop up the root veggies and onions, dice them fine and mix with egg - saute in pan and eat as a side with your steaks and a salad..

      Make a bunch so you can eat the leftovers all week!

      Hope this helps a little. Enjoy and have fun!


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        Mmm patties sound nice, as does meatloaf-squash

        The red thing is rhubarb, I'll probably stew that with the cooking apple, some ginger, cinnamon, dollop of cream on top...


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          Might try too


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            was going to make meatloaf tonight and i just so happen to have an acorn squash. def going ot try the way you suggested diana.


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              I feel like the guy got scammed with the rhubarb... A few more stalks, cinnamon, a clove or two, yellow apples and/or pears.

              Slow cook with a little water, and we've got rhubarb/apple/pear sauce.

              I hope you like tangy food.

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                No scam here, I lurve sour rhubarb (hence the bramley apple to go with it). It's forced rhubarb anyway, so not so strong in flavour And there's only little old me to feed so don't need man-sized portions!