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  • Hollandaise Sauce

    How primal is this? (that's rhetorical): 2 egg yolks, 8 oz butter, 1 TBS lemon juice, salt, pepper.

    I was trying to figure out what to do with some egg yolks leftover from making meringue cookies and came across hollandaise sauce. I've had it a few times in fancy restaurants, but always thought it was some kind of cheese sauce.

    You beat up 2 egg yolks with salt, pepper, and lemon juice and slowly mix in 8 oz of melted butter. If it's too hot it will cook the eggs, so let it cool some. After it's all stirred together, put it on low heat and stir for a few minutes. It turns gooey and cheesey and tastes lemony. Excellent over eggs, sausage, ham--anything you want a sauce on really.

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    It's primal and it's easy ... don't be fooled that this sauce is complex, as it is not.
    living in the ice age: Pink Grapefruit Mayonnaise

    Put the egg yolks in a bowl which should be large enough to sit over a pan of water without touching the water. This is called a baines marie.
    Squeeze some lemon juice in. A tablespoon is good, or just a squeeze of a segment. I often use grapefruit, particularly pink grapefruit, which works very well indeed over squid!
    Whisk together and whisk together well. Taste it. It should be sour.
    Melt some butter in another pan and allow the solids to fall to the bottom.
    Whisking the eggs continuously as your pour the melted butter in, taking care not to get too much solid in. Don't worry - you're not going to turn the eggs to custard, as the cold mixture and cold pan will cool things down.
    Whisk well.
    Bring a pan of water to the boil and place the bowl over - take a lot of care at this point and don't take your eye of it for a second. Whisk as the mixture heats through.
    If it gets stiff, or looks like it's turning to scrambled egg, just take the bowl off the heat and add a splash of cold water - literally, a splash.
    Once don't just pour over whatever it is you want to ...

    Here's a tip: living in the ice age: Eggs Benedict with Shaved Truffle ... or living in the ice age: Eggs Hemingway or even living in the ice age: Eggs Florentine

    If you find yourself making this up because you love it (I do) and have egg whites left over, you could make up a MEGA-EGG! living in the ice age: Leftover Egg White Breakfast

    Have fun ...

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      I make mine with a Bamix. Remember those from the 80's? Use a milkshake tumbler, put the egg yolks, juice\vinegar in the bottom blend until twice the size in volume and frothy. Melt butter over the stove then pour into egg mix while blending until fully emulsified. Leave it stand for a few minutes blend again and it should be thick and glossy.


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        Hollandaise is amazing. My dad's a chef, and he makes it with clarified butter. Best thing ever. It goes incredibly well on roasted potatoes.


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          Just had my first experience ever with hollandaise sauce. I made the blender version and it turned out great! We ate it over crepes made with gluten free flour mix, white asparagus, several kinds of ham and a green salad. What an amazing and authentic German meal! Not bad for a Canadian girl that has never even seen this traditional delicacy before, just heard about it endlessly and wistfully from the German hubby.

          And we have leftover everything, so I'll be doing some experimenting with crepes and hollandaise sauce over the next few days. Any further primal crepe suggestions?


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            Awesome over almost anything, but really wonderful over ham/Canadian bacon and poached eggs. I've never missed the muffin even once.
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              Re Hollandaise: Smoked salmon, poached egg, asparagus with hollandaise. Delish!

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                Don't forget to put a pinch of tarragon in your hollandaise it gives a great flavour.
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                  I really like it-Love it, on Broccoli, poached eggs, oh and steamed carrots