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  • Help Feed a Primal College Student!

    I'm at university and we've got 11 days left in this semester. While I've been able to feed myself a pretty decent primal diet using my meal plan until this point, it was a little more expensive than usual and I've run out. What this means is that I must buy and cook all of my own food for the next 11 days (including finals). I've got a basic set of kitchen skills, nothing special. The trouble here is working around my budget restrictions. In the past, I've just cooked whatever was around the house, but now I need to consider a few things when I'm buying meat:

    1. Price
    2. Is there a simple way to prepare it?

    I've got a frying pan, crock pot, an oven and a glass dish for roasting/baking/whatever. That's about it.. So... any ideas on the best way to keep myself fed given these budget, equipment, and time restrictions? Wether it's just a certain cut of meat, a recipe, or just general tips on how to use a crock pot, I'll be extremely grateful.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you have a freezer available you can get the bigger than single serve packages and that will save money right there. Cheapest meats are chicken, canned tuna and at this time of year some cuts of pork. Turkey hindquarters can be pretty cheap too. Root veggies and squash are in season right now and should be cheaper. Delicata squash is my personal favorite. Apples and citrus are also in season. You don't say where you are, so I am making an assumption that you are in the US or Europe. If you are in the southern hemisphere it is high summer with lots of seasonal produce. Cabbage and many of the cabbage family are in season. If you need to know how to cook any of them, just ask(I have college age kids of my own and am aware of the level of cooking skills they have).


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      I'd say this is not the best time to change your lifestyle in a stressful way... I know dining hall food is expensive but I would just pay a little extra 'real money' for the next 11 days and keep eating from your dining hall. Or what about friends with extra meals / whatever currency on their plans?


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        With a crock pot you can make some great soups with veggeis and cheap cuts of meat and eat for several days. 2 onions, chopped cabbage, garlic, canned whole tomatoes, and chopped up meat (chicken, pork or beef) let simmer, add salt and pepper, what ever veggies you have lying around
        Chicken thighs are usually pretty cheap. Eggs are not too bad especially if you buy them in 5 dozen, if you dont use them all give the rest to a neighbor if you are leaving at the end of the semester.
        Saute greens and garlic and onions, fry eggs and serve over the top of your favorite any time of the day!
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          You've all the makings to chef yourself out. The Crockpot is wonderful for all types of meat. Roast whole chicken in the oven is super simple. Rub chicken with butter/bacon fat/etc...season with spices of your liking, cover with foil, and bake for about 45 minutes-1 Hour. Dinner for at least 2 days! And definitely buy bulk if you have a freezer. Good lluck, and Rock Out with your Grok Out!
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