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Need Sauce Recipe with Sake

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  • Need Sauce Recipe with Sake

    So, I'm back from college for a few weeks and I'm itching to cook. I remembered that I had a small bottle (maybe a cup worth) of sake in the back of my pantry, and I want to use it. Can't stand the taste to drink the stuff, so I thought why not make a sauce? Problem is, most of the recipes online pair it with wasabi (don't like) or soy (won't eat). Does anyone know any good sake sauce recipes? I'm thinking of pairing with either avocado or making it spicy (or both).

    I'm thinking about using it as a sauce for a new dish I'm working on with roasted turnips and chicken hearts, if that helps. I'll be sure to post the whole recipe, with pics, when I'm done!

    Thanks guys!

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    Any help?


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      Post it to me? I love Sake!

      Being aromatic and very flavoursome, I'd say "crown" a hot broth with a shot, but if you don't like the taste, that seems a little counter-productive. Often, Chefs say not too cook with anything you wouldn't drink ... which means don't cook with cheap wine, but this is a kind of reverse case.

      How about using it as a marinade? Soak some dried mushrooms to revitalise them and then drop into a ramen? Maybe use the Sake as part of the broth to make up a Chawanmushi? Half beaten eggs, half sake stock.

      I'd err on the side of making it up into a soup or broth.

      "... needs more fish!"


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        What veggies do you think would work best?