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Turkey Squash Chilli

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  • Turkey Squash Chilli

    I've no idea where I got the idea for this, but I'm sure it was from somewhere paleo ...

    Anyway, you take some turkey chunks, some chicken chunks if you like, a small butternut squash, a can of peeled plum tomatoes, some spices and aromatics ... and put it all together.

    You can make it with pumpkin - the first time I made it was with pumpkin: living in the ice age: Turkey & Chicken Pumpkin Chilli ... later, I just used a squash: living in the ice age: Turkey & Chicken Squash Chilli ... tonight I chucked in some bell peppers, too.

    Start out by peeling, seeding and boiling chunks of squash until it is tender. Mash it.

    Coconut oil in a lidded saute pan, colour the meat (turkey and chicken for variety or just turkey), drop in a finely chopped onion, some garlic, some ginger, ground coriander, cayenne pepper, white pepper, chilli powder, a touch of cinnamon and half teaspoon of honey if you're that way inclined. Ground cumin is obvious, too, but my Mrs can't abide the smell or taste, so I sneak a little onto mine afterwards.

    Pour in the can of peeled plum tomatoes and mash down.

    Stir in the mashed squash.

    Add chicken stock and simmer away for a couple of hours with the lid on.

    Lid off to reduce the liquid, drop in chopped bell peppers at this stage if you want and prepare anything else - boiled egg goes well, spinach does, soured cream, whatever accompaniments you want.

    Serve out ...


    "... needs more fish!"

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    Looks yum
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