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Yummy primal baked apple recipe

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  • Yummy primal baked apple recipe

    At work we have a Thanksgiving potluck and I signed up to bring homemade cranberry sauce. I bought four bags of cranberries and then forgot about the potluck. Hee hee! So to not waste all of them, I started looking for recipes other than sauce that I could make with them. I found a great one that's super paleo and it was so good, I thought I might share it.

    I used organic Granny Smith apples because I find most other apples to be too sweet for my tastes. I like the tartness and texture of Granny Smiths.

    2 Apples
    1 moderate handful of walnuts
    Juice of a small orange or clementine and zest
    1/2 a cup or so of raw cranberries - frozen or dried would also work
    1 teaspoon of brown sugar (unless using the sweeten dried kind of cranberries)

    While the oven is preheating lightly toast the walnuts on a baking sheet
    Meanwhile throw everything else except the apples in a pot and bring to a simmer so the cranberries cook and split open (be sure to use a lid because when they split they spatter)
    Core the apples leaving the bottom intact and put them in a baking dish

    When the cranberries and sauce are cooked enough for your taste (i.e. cranberries are slightly whole or cooked down more) toss the walnuts in and fill the apples with the berry mixture.

    If you like you can put a little pat of butter on each and a sprinkling of brown sugar over the top but it's just a bonus and not necessary.

    Bake it for about 15 or 20 minutes until a knife slides easily into the apple - check that closer to the bottom than the top.

    That's it. I ate one for dinner with a sausage and the other one I ate for breakfast. So delicious!
    Preheat the oven to 350 or 400 degrees

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    Sounds good - I am inspired!!


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      You inspired me too! I used your idea to make stuffed acorn squash. I left out the cranberries since had none, and the sugar since I had none, and used a teeny bit of maple syrup and a very teeny bit of makara cinnamon which is the only thing that Cinnabon sells that I eat any more. The acorn squash halves were small ones from my CSA box. Baked them at 350 for 25 min and then filled the hollow with the apple mixture. Results were amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

      ETA: forgot to say I diced the apple. I am not sure how it would look had I not LOL.