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  • Slow cooker recipes

    looking for some,

    find plenty online, always have bad things in them.

    beans and taters and the like....

    could just leave them out i suppose,

    replacement ideas?

    would it drastically change the taste.

    it would just be nice to come home to a simmering primal meal.

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    Just made a really yummy one monday night.

    1/2 cup tomato sauce (I added 2 tsps of italian seasoning)

    1 cup of chicken stock

    1/4 cup of red wine

    3 spicy italian sausage links, squeezed out of casing and browned like ground beef, with diced onion and garlic.

    skin on bone in chicken thighs.

    Yellow and orange bell peppers.

    Brown the skin side of your chicken thighs till they are deeply golden and crisp.

    In the same pan, brown your sausage meat, and add your onion and garlic. Pour the wine in and allow to reduce slightly. Add stock and tomato sauce.

    Layer the sausage mixture in the bottom of your crock pot. Nestle the chicken thighs on top, and the bell peppers on top of the chicken. Cook on low for 5-6 hours.

    I also love to do pulled pork in the crock pot.

    Beef stew with turnip instead of potato, or celeriac!

    Chicken stew with squash instead of potato.

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      I find it really easy to pick up a 2-4# chuck, shoulder or arm roast, coarsely chop 1/2 a white (or yellow) onion (i like large pedals), a carrot or two and maybe quarter a small tomato or three. Feel free to add other veggies depending on your pallet.

      Drop the veggies in the bottom, season with a little salt, garlic and black pepper.

      Season the meat however you like (black pepper, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, chili/cayenne pepper, maybe a little brown sugar if I'm feeling a little saucy

      You can season the meat the night before, toss it in a zip top bag, and leave it in the fridge to marinate, or just season before you drop it in.

      Either way, get the veggies started on high, add a splash of beef broth to half-cover the veggies (help them cook a little bit faster) then drop the meat on top. I like to go the first 30-60 minutes on high just to speed the temp up, then drop it to low for 3-6 hours, depending on the size of the cut, and the tenderness of the meat you want. The longer the time, the more tender the meat.

      To finish, pull the meat out, wrap it in tin foil and let it set for at least 5 minutes (resets all those lovely juices back into the meat). Meanwhile, strain the veggies, saving all the juice. You can puree the tomatoes and some of the onions, add them to the broth in a skillet over high heat and reduce it to a nice glaze/sauce.

      Slice/shred the mean and serve over tossed greens and the veggies.


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        I just eliminate the potatoes and add more veggies...