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HELP!! Packages Beef Stroganoff!

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  • HELP!! Packages Beef Stroganoff!

    My non-primal wife is making slow cooker beef stroganoff tomorrow and bought McCormicks seasoning. First ingredient - corn starch. It also has corn and wheat gluten!! Anyone know a homemade recipe for stroganoff seasoning or at least a gluten free pre-packaged version? I want something ready when I bring it up to her later.
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      You want to simulate artificial food by molding real food into a similar shape? This kind of bass-ackward thinking is troublesome. Cook some salmon and broccoli and moan with pleasure as you eat it next to her.
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        I've never done it in a slow cooker. I do it in a pan. Basically I brown the meat (I use chuck) in butter with shallots (or onions) and mushrooms. Then I simmer it down in beef stock until it's nice and tender and the beef stock is practically all reduced. About 40 minutes covered, then uncovered for the last 20. Your time may vary due to the cut you use, but I'm assuming a tougher cut if you're doing the crock pot thing. Then I toss some cognac in there and cook that for a few mintues. I make it creamy with the addition of sour cream at the end. Salt and pepper to taste.

        The only difference between this and the classic recipe I started with is that I don't thicken with a roux. (Well that and it normally calls for tenderloin but I need a longer cooking meat and I like my tenderloin rare.) I just reduce the heck out of the beef stock so there's not much liquid.

        ETA: By the way, this is probably my most requested dish when people come to my house.