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    Im very new to this and need some help. Im a single guy and its tough shopping for one. Any tips for me? I always end up with too much food. Help!

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    you could write a meal plan for the week, you could buy enough food for several days then go shopping again after that
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      Originally posted by bloodorchid View Post
      you could write a meal plan for the week, you could buy enough food for several days then go shopping again after that
      I guess my concern is more about portionsand leftovers. Any suggestions on meal combinations so I don't waste too much food or money. What can I cook Monday and use for breakfast and lunch Tuesday. Plus some of the ingredients might be useful for Tuesday night and Wednesday.

      I appreciate any and all tips. Thanks!


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        Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes:

        - My advice is to shop 2 times per week, not only once. There's no way you can make your way through all that produce without it going bad on you otherwise.
        - Every Sunday afternoon, make up a big pot of soup or curry or "garbage stirfry" with whatever needs to be used up in the fridge. Freeze in single-serve containers for those times when you are lazy/busy/broke.
        - When I make up a recipe, I automatically set some aside and freeze. I get sick of eating the same thing for lunch and dinner 4 days in a row. (Or, if it's something that I know isn't going to freeze well (e.g., mushrooms), I will just halve the recipe.)
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          Mostly you have to be creative.
          Any time you cook meat you can cook extra and use it the next day.
          Pay attention to which veggies start to get funky or wilted before you eat them and either buy less or eat them more!
          Consider not going shopping again until you really have eaten everything in the fridge!
          Buy less then you think you need.

          Sorry there aren't more specifics but it's late and my brain is tired! I also shop for one and I used to kill a lot of veggies by letting them spoil in the fridge. Since going more primal that is LESS of a problem but I still do it occasionally. But truely you just have to be creative. For instance tonight I made a dressing for my meat dish by blending up a half a head of lettuce that was starting to go bad with some plain yogurt. It made a nice light sorta cucumber-y flavored dressing that went quite well.


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            Thanks those tips are helpful. I'm sure I'll get better and waste less over time.


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                I shop on a Monday evening ... for the week. I'm a guy (not single, but still ... a guy).

                I cruise up the meat aisle looking for anything cheap. I pop over to the fish counter for anything cheap, chat to the butcher to see if there are scrag ends going begging that can't be put out on the shelves and then slide up and down the veg aisle for a few things.

                I tend to pick up beef as brisket, steak or minced (ground, for you US guys), some white fish like cod, tilapia, pollack, and some other fishy things - scallops, squid, that kind of thing.

                Down the veg aisle, courgette, tenderstem broccoli, sometimes a cauli, cabbage (one variety), a carrot, spinach, mushrooms (two varieties), a pepper (capsicum), tomatoes, cucumber, and anything that looks interesting. Avocado ... lots of avocado. These are as important as eggs in my diet.

                Eggs - a dozen. Re-stock mid-week and re-stock end of week with bacon and sausage for weekend breakfasts. I don't "breakfast" during the week. I do do dairy - yoghurt, soured cream and cream. Yoghurt for breakfast with blueberries.

                For lunches, minced beef, pork and lamb to make up curries, chillies and spicy food to be served with broccoli or rice (if I'm having a carby day). yes, white rice ... with no apology. Canned fish, lettuce, lots of pickles - gherkin, beetroot and chilli. Re-stock as they get low.

                Shop again Saturday for Saturday night and Sunday - good meat, treats and real eating food should be on the menu.

                Freeze any meat or fish that you don't eat through the week and enjoy the surprise of having leftovers for starters, forming the basis of a new meal or just eating for breakfast or lunch.

                Check out my paleo food blog at living in the ice age for some guy food. Okay, my Mrs eats it too, but that doesn't make it girl food I go with principles - a bit of this, some of that, a handful of this, a cup of that ... good food goes together naturally. Have fun, enjoy and live!

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                  I'm also having the problem (though not a guy).

                  The main issue is the veggies. I would like to have a bigger variety. I think I throw out about half of my veggies by the end of the week due to them getting mushy/gross. So, when I'm just buying the minimal amount of groceries, I'm generally stuck with staples like broccoli, peppers, and mushrooms. It gets boring!

                  I wish the store sold veggies by the half. Anyone want to start a business? A store for singles. (Everything sold in single servings!)


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                    Originally posted by tjihnot View Post
                    Im very new to this and need some help. Im a single guy and its tough shopping for one. Any tips for me? I always end up with too much food. Help!
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                      One great way to Figure out portions is listed in the book "well fed". Check out the link if you're interested.
                      Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat | theclothesmakethegirl

                      I second the idea of two trips to the store. On Sunday I make a large portion of meat that I can put on salads or incorporate into stir fries. When I run low I have frozen burgers(organic from Costco) and/or frozen veg. Costco has great options of frozen veggies at a good price. Wednesday or thursday I'll do it again.

                      Also, meat freezes well. Wrap in plastic or foil and drop it in a ziplock freezer bag. If you make a big portion of meat, freeze half on day one. Then when you run out you can pick out some thing from last week for variety.