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Uses for homemade jams?

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  • Uses for homemade jams?

    Hi all. I've recently been gifted some homemade jams ... what do I do with them? The flavors are good: Apricot-Habanero, Hot Jalapeno, the classic Orange Marmalade, and Strawberry Peach Gran Marnier. I know I can use the first three for marinades or grilling sauces . . . does anything else come to mind? I haven't a clue what to do with the strawberry one, except re-gift it. Also does anybody know how long they will last unopened and should they be in the fridge?

    Thanks for your help!

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    mmmm jalapeno jelly! used to eat it with cream cheese on bagels lol. would be great as a spread on some paleo friendly crackers, but that's all i can think


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      We have homemade jam at my house, too. It's not primal, but I like to add a spoonful to my plain full-fat yogurt. Yum.

      They should last for at least a year or two unopened (before the sugar crystallizes), a couple of months in the fridge after you open them. Unless it's freezer jam, no need to refrigerate until after they are opened.
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        We threw them all away and re-gifted the others. If I want something sweet, it's going to be fruit, my raw honey or some dark chocolate. Jams and jellies are just candy in thin disguise.
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          For an occasional sweet treat, I make a nut butter & jelly spoonwich.

          Take spoon. Scoop out nut butter of choice, then dunk down into the jelly/jam. Place into mouth. Proceed to roll eyes about and make piggeh noises.
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            Spoonwich -- i love it! I just never had a name for it! I use almond butter and coconut butter.

            Good to know thy don't need to be in the fridge, thanks for that! I think I'll keep the two hot ones to grill on salmon, and re-gift the others (tomorrow, in fact -- Hostess Gift!!)


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              I occasionally use them to add to marinade that I inject into meat - Mmmnommy